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inFAMOUS: Second Son – How to Beat Mission 15 – Heaven’s Hellfire

by Prima Games Staff

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This mission is nothing but a boss fight. Although there will be Smoke available, there’s plenty of Neon, and that’s the best option because of Laser Focus and the Phosphor Beam.

Tip: By now you should have used Blast Shards to upgrade to Laser Focus. If you haven’t, then do so now. If you don’t have any Blast Shards to buy the upgrade, the concepts of this guide remain the same but might take slightly longer.

Use the video beam to catapult yourself up to a higher platform. You’ll fight a massive angel called He Who Dwells

He Who Dwells has smaller angels that surround him through most of the fight. When they are present, don’t bother trying to shoot him. You must take out all of his smaller angels to deal any damage to him at all. Once the smaller angels are down, you can start reducing his health. Once he takes some damage, the fight will move and his guardian angels will reset.

This guy can do a lot of damage, but we have a tip that will minimize this and make the fight very simple. Rather than standing on a platform, hang from the ledge on the opposite side of He Who Dwells. You will be able to shoot over the top but he won’t be able to hit you. Take his angels out, wait for him to attack and then pounce. Use your Laser Focus and Phosphor Beam to deliver big damage. Check out our screen cap showing you how to pull off this move.

After he is hit several times, the platforms will sink and the fight will move to the other side of the lava. Use the video beams to move across the map and refill your Neon if necessary. Repeat this process until he falls and Delsin is face-to-face with his adversary.

There’s another Good Karma versus Evil Karma decision. Since we’re going for the Good Karma this time through, we chose to Redeem Eugene and end the mission.

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