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inFAMOUS: Second Son – How to Beat Mission 14 – Reggie Takes Flight

by Prima Games Staff

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When the mission begins, players will see numerous objectives on their screens. Just keep going from one porta-potty to the next until you find the one you’re looking for. When you finally find the one with the Conduit suspect hiding inside, give chase until he is swooped up by an angel. You can keep chasing, but there’s no chance of catching them.

Unlike the previous mission, angels will attack you this time. Use your Laser Focus (if you have it) to slow down time and take them out. They seem to show up in waves of four, but go down with one shot. Deal with them before moving on.

With the angels down, start searching the three areas highlighted on your map. Eventually, a mob will go after a suspected Conduit trapped on a crane. Although you can subdue them (and should to further your Good Karma), they won’t hurt you. Just make sure at least one is left to lead you to the objective.

When you arrive at the crane, scale it to confront the suspected Conduit. Of course he is swooped up by an angel and carried off before you can get your hands on him. Briefly give chase until you come across four more angels who mean to do you harm. Take them all out and chat with Reggie to come up with an alternate strategy.

Head to Hing Hay Market and meet Reggie at the porta-party. When the chase begins, run behind him and enjoy the show. Feel free to shoot near him, just not at him. Once Reggie gets scooped up, try to keep up with him and his angel kidnapper. Even if they get away, just keep following the objective on your map. 

When you catch up with Reggie, you’ll find that the angles originate from the video screens. This is a battle that is easy to make worse than it really is. Don’t try to shoot the angels, focus on the video screens. There’s even a nice structure with overhead cover to keep you safe from attack. If you do get in trouble, use your Light Speed to get to safety. When the last video screen is down, the mission is over.

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