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inFAMOUS: Second Son – How to Beat Mission 10 – Light it Up

by Prima Games Staff

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Make your way across the city and to the objective marked on the map. This mission, like Catching Smoke before it, is aimed at expanding your Neon power. Head to the first Core Relay to meet up with Fetch.

Destroying the first Core Relay is directly related to your choice of Good Karma or Evil Karma. When you press L2 to zoom in on D.U.P. agents, you’ll see both blue and red targets to choose from. Red will cause you to kill your adversary and further your Evil Karma. Hitting blue targets will cause you to subdue your enemies and further your Good Karma. Look on the rooftop across the way and practice your new skill.

With the two D.U.P. agents down, it’s time to follow Fetch. She leaves a trail of neon imprints for you to keep track of her. Make your way across the city to find Fetch battling some drug dealers. Help her take them down and then destroy the Core Relay to absorb the Stasis Bubble, allowing players to trap their enemies when using the Neon power.

When the last of the dealers are down, follow Fetch’s scorch trail to the next Core Relay. Destroying this one will give Delsin the Phosphor Beam, great for taking out armored vehicles. As luck would have it, a couple just showed up. Take both of them out, get back on the scorch trail and locate some of your new sidekick’s handy work a short distance away.

Continue to follow Fetch’s trail until you end up at the top of a very tall building. Look below to see a battle going on between Fetch and the D.U.P. Drop down, take out the D.U.P. and destroy the fourth and final Core Relay to absorb the Radiant Sweep. To complete the mission, use your newfound power to take out the remaining D.U.P. agents in the area.

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