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How to Use the Agonarch Rune in Destiny: The Taken King

by Prima Games Staff

This feature will tell you how to use the Agonarch Rune in Bungie’s Destiny: The Taken King. Once you have the Agonarch Rune, you’re able to initiate events on Oryx’s Dreadnaught ship. Complete these events to earn rare items in the game.

In order to obtain the Agonarch Rune, you must beat unique sets of Taken while on Dreadnaught Patrol.  First head to Orbit, go to the Dreadnaught and select the Dreadnaught Patrol option. When you reach the ship, be aware of floating Taken orbs hovering over the ground.  When you walk towards an orb, Taken enemies appear close by. Kill some of these creatures and another wave will show up. After battling three waves, a giant Taken foe with a yellow health bar will spawn into the game. Defeat this enemy along with the rest of the mob to receive an Agonarch Rune. 

With the Agonarch Rune in your possession, the next step is to charge it up. In order to charge a Rune, you need to kill seven groups of Taken for a full week.  Again, while on the Dreadnaught, keep an eye out for those aforementioned floating orbs. This time, though, you ill contend with even larger opponents like a Knight or Wizard. We suggest looking by the Mausoleum and Hull Breach. 

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Every time you kill a yellow health bar Taken, you will receive one charge point to power the Agonarch Rune. Unfortunately there is only one set of Taken each day. On the positive side, you’re able to transfer the Agonarch Rune between your other Guardians (providing you play Destiny as more than one character), which means you can earn a maximum of three charges a day. When the seven days are over and you completely charge the Agonarch Rune, you’re free to use this item to activate a special event on the Dreadnaught. 

First, head towards the Mausoleum and go to the far side by the chasm. If you face opposite the crashed Cabal ship, make sure you walk into the last door on the left. Go into the hallway and then the Founts, the exact same way you came while on the Sunless Cell Strike.  Fall into the hole in the ground to reach the bottom level, then make a right. Proceed straight to the other side of the room until you see a tiny opening in the wall. You must crouch in order to fit through this opening, and when you do, you’ll enter a room with a glowing terminal to your right. Putting the Charged Agonarch Rune into this terminal kicks off the event. 

With the Charged Agonarch Rune inside of the terminal, leave the room and walk in the direction of a giant chamber with a chained platform in the middle, the location of the special event. Some Taken will appear, specifically the mini bosses you killed in order to charge the Rune. Kill them all in the order you originally defeated them, and when they’re dead, prepare to battle a Zealot Champion. 

After slaughtering the Zealot Champion, a chest appears in the middle of the room on the bottom level; you will need to have the Charged Agonarch Rune available to access this chest. Inside you should find Calcified Fragment 36. Opening the chest causes the Agonarch Rune to vanish, but you’re able to kill enemies on the Dreadnaught another seven days to receive another one.

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