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Hitman: Episode 4 – How to Complete the Look Ma, No Head Assassination in Bangkok

by Prima Games Staff

This article covers how to complete the Look Ma, No Head Assassination in Bangkok in Hitman: Episode 4. It’s time for Agent 47 to take a trip to Bangkok. Your targets this go around include Jordan Cross, a hit rockstar who has returned home to his family’s hotel to record some new tracks, as well as Jordan’s lawyer, Ken Morgan. Agent 47’s trip to Bangkok is chock full of new challenges and assassinations to complete. This guide will walk you through gaining access to Jordan’s private studio so you can complete the Look Ma, No Head assassination.

Acquire the Recording Crew Outfit

Your first step to gaining access to Cross’ private studio is to acquire the Recording Crew outfit, which you can grab from one of the upstairs suites. Equipping this costume will also score you the Recording in Progress Discovery challenge. The outfit is hidden behind a locked door, so you’ll need to sprint to get to the door at the right time, as the occupant comes out of it, and it is open for a few seconds.

From the docks, head into the hotel, and then take a right at the front desk. Head through the doorway, and turn to your left and climb the first set of stairs. Now walk through the first door to your left, past the guarded area, and climb the stairs to the left.

Sprint down the hallway to the end, ignoring the guards the patrol the area, and slip into suite 207 when the lady inside walks out. Close the doors behind you. Once inside look to your left, head through the door and into the bathroom. You’ll find the Recording Crew outfit inside. Equip it and then head out of the bathroom. Make sure to grab the microphone from the crewman’s bag before leaving the room. It can be found next to the window through the double doors that lead further into the room. Make sure to sneak or you’ll wake up the crewman.

Take Out Jordan Cross

With your disguise and the microphone in tow, make your way back down to the main lobby, being careful not to let anyone see you that might compromise your disguise. Make your way into the private section at the back left exit of the lobby, just up the stairs, and then climb the stairs all the way to the studio.

Once in the studio talk to the man at the sound desk and he will tell you to install the microphone. Head into the recording booth. Install the microphone, and then head back out to the sound desk and complete the mini game to get the track just right. After completing the mini game, Jordan Cross will enter the area and head inside the recording booth. Slip inside with him, and then wait for the perfect chance to put a bullet in his head.

After killing the target, you will have completed the Look Ma, No Head Assassination Challenge. Make sure you eliminate the other target, Ken Morgan, before quitting the game.

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