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Hitman: Episode 4 – Don’t Forget to Flush Assassination

by Prima Games Staff

This guide will teach you everything you need to know to get close to Ken Morgan and complete the Don’t Forget to Flush assassination challenge in Hitman: Episode 4. Agent 47 is off to Thailand, Bangkok to be exact, and this time around he’s going to need all his assassin skills to infiltrate a highly prestigious resort and take out one of the world’s biggest rockstars and his lawyer. This particular article will serve as a guide to help you complete the Don’t Forget to Flush assassination, which tasks you with killing Ken Morgan.

Grab a Disguise

The best way to play this mission is to play along with the On the House challenge. You can locate this challenge by heading to the basement, and locating the clipboard in the staff area. It will make Agent 47 aware of a new way to get Ken Morgan alone, so you can dispatch of him. Once you’re tracking the opportunity, grab yourself the Hotel Staff disguise. There should be a radio in the staff area that you can use to distract your enemies, giving you time to knock one of them out and steal his clothes.

With your disguise in place, head upstairs and locate Mr. Morgan around the hotel restaurant area. Chat with him to introduce yourself, and then escort him to the waypoint marking the Queen Suite.

Clean Up the Room

Upon arriving in the Queen’s Suite, you’ll need to follow Morgan around and complete each task that he points out. You’ll need to mop up a spill, wipe off some dust, and even clean up a few soda cans left by the stage crew that trashed the place the night before. Don’t worry too much about rushing this part of the job, as patience is key to bringing Mr. Morgan down without alerting his guard.

Keep following Morgan around the room until he heads into the bathroom. He’ll ask you to clean up a mess at the sink. During this time he will turn and begin to inspect the toilet. It’s almost time to strike, but don’t grow impatient. Wait for his bodyguard to head out of the room, and for the doors to close. Then sneak up behind Mr. Morgan and shove his head into the toilet bowl. Don’t forget to take out Jordan Crosswhen you’re done disposing of Ken Morgan’s body.

Once you finish drowning your target you will have completed the Don’t Forget to Flush challenge, and be well on your way to completing your mission in Bangkok. Made sure to hide the body before you leave, and be cautious as you make your way past the bodyguard, and back downstairs.

We’ll have more on Hitman: Episode 4 very soon!

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