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Halo 5 Guardians Mission 8: Swords of Sanghelios

by Prima Games Staff

Following the opening cut scene, you’ll be back in control of Locke, working with Fireteam Osiris as they travel to Sanghelios in the hope of finding the Arbiter. 

You’ll drop smack dab into the Homeworld of the Elites, where you’ll receive instructions on where to find Arbiter. However, your visit couldn’t come at a worse time, as a civil war has broken out, and you’ll need to track down the Elder Council Chambers. 

The riverbed will take you through a canyon, where you’ll come across some statues. Before you leave the area, though, make sure to stop by a base on the left hand side, where you’ll find a Data Pad. 

From there, keep going through the canyon (hit down on D-pad if you get lost) and watch out for some Jackals and Covenant that will gang up on you. The key here is to take out the ones on turrets first, as their gunfire will damage your shields. Rush up and take care of them, as well as any suicide-bomber Grunts that get in your way. Then clean up the rest. 

You’ll find a shallow pool of water once they’re finished, where you’ll find a number of Swords of Sanghelios bodies. You’ll find a higher platform nearby, which you should be able to access. There, you’ll see a dead Elite, along with a Data Pad. Make sure you pick it up. 

Once that’s done, keep going through the canyon where you’ll find a drop pod, along with a Phantom dropping off more enemy forces. Clean them out alongside your team and continue moving forward. 

While working your way through the ruins of Sangheli, make sure to look for a Data Pad by a nearby pillar on your left hand side. Grab it and continue making your way through the ruins, as the path leans toward the right.

You’ll find a gap you can easily jump across, and then some broken stairs that lead to the Chamber on the other side. Stop by the stairs and you’ll see a Data Pad next to a glowing container, right below where you jumped.

There will be a few Covenant waiting in this landing zone, including a couple of Hunters that get dropped off. Finish them off quickly.

A few Allied Swords of Sanghelios will arrive to help you out. At this point, you’ll find a Mantis in the center of the area. Hop in and make your way through a doorway into the next area. You’ll see a few more enemies waiting in the courtyard ahead, but you should be able to use your vehicle to wipe them out with ease.

Once the Covenant are cleared out, you’ll see another doorway on the other side of the Courtyard, which will take you to the Elder Council Chamber. Head in and locate the Arbiter, right up the main staircase. Once you reach him a cut scene will play, and the mission will end.

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