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Halo 5 Guardians Mission 6: Evacuation

by Prima Games Staff

After things got out of hand with the Prometheans in the previous mission, Fireteam Osiris flees Meridian Station. Following an opening cut scene, you’ll hop into a vehicle to make a run for it. You should be able to easily find a Warthog or Mongoose nearby. 

There will be several enemies standing in your way. Take them out and Governor Sloan will let you exit through opened doors. Make your way to the elevator and hit the control panel to take it down. You’ll be much on your own at this point, since Sloan has all but abandoned his post. 

Prometheans will appear as you ride down. Shoot them quickly and your ride should continue with no problem. You’ll deal with a few more waves, so make sure you and your Fireteam are ready.

With the last wave, you’ll have to deal with a few Knights, so the challenge will definitely pick up. Destroy them as quickly as you can, and the elevator will continue until it suddenly crashes. You’ll have to scan something real quick inside of it, then open up a doorway that will take you to a nearby walkway. 

From here, you’ll have enemies firing at you from above as you make your way up a series of platforms. The key here is to just keep moving. Run around and look for platforms to jump onto and keep working your way up. On the way, you’ll have to deal with a few enemies on the ground. Take them out quickly and continue forward.

You’ll eventually reach the Pelican that’s on the top level. If you need an idea how far away it is, hit down on the D-pad and it’ll show on your radar. Once you get there, run to this vehicle to launch a cut scene, and the mission comes to a close.

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