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Halo 5 Guardians Mission 3: Glassed

by Prima Games Staff

This mission puts you back in control of Locke. Watch the opening cut scene before moving in with Fireteam Osiris as they descend down an elevator.

When you leave the elevator, make your way through Meridian Station. You’ll come across a bunch of Prometheans attempting to overtake the base. Take them down using your own battle tactics, as well as highlighting targets for your team (pressing up on the D-pad). There are also chain guns available, adding extra firepower. Make sure you look for another weapons cache in the building off to the left hand side, in case you run low on both types of ammunition. You can get in by simply busting through the opening with your Spartan Charge (sprint & RB).

With enemies defeated, make your way to the top of the nearby building on the right hand side, where you’ll find a security room. Rely on the Spartan Charge to get inside and activate the terminal. 

From there, a gate will open. Head back down and go through it, then look for a Mongoose you can hop inside of. This will save you travel time as you go into the next part of the stage. A number of enemies will appear, so take them down and you’ll be able to proceed to the gate. Watch out for Prometheans riding around in Warthogs, as they have additional firepower that will damage your vehicle. Bring them down, then get to the gate, where Governor Sloan awaits. 

Make your way up the path and take out any additional foes that try to attack, and don’t forget to watch out for the laser turrets above. You’ll see them charge up before firing, so make sure you get out of harm’s way beforehand.

After reaching the last area, you’ll see a pair of Gauss turrets across Gate 9, which will help you clean up remaining Prometheans. Once they’re dead, you’ll be able to finish the mission and move on.

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