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Halo 5 Guardians Mission 15: Guardians

by Prima Games Staff

The final stage of the Halo 5 single player campaign will put you back into the role of Spartan Locke, as he and Fireteam Osiris look for a way to shut down the Guardians by reaching a Cryptum at the other side of the stage. 

The Exuberant Witness will help guide a path getting there, leading the team to the Crypta. While stopping to look at the specimen collection, be on the lookout for a Forerunner Console, which will provide you with another piece of Intel. 

Once you have it, head outside and take a look at the Guardians looming in the distance, then make your way to a nearby platform, which will take you into the next area.

Exuberant will continue to guide you, and you’ll run into a few Covenant and Prometheans along the way. However, you can pass right by them without needing to fight, if you wish. The next section, however, will have Prometheans you need to fight, as well as a few turrets. Dodge their gunfire and take down the enemies accordingly, then move on.

Go through the next door (it’s a fancy-looking one) and you’ll come across several Phantoms. Defeat them, then find the gravitational core. Shoot it until it’s no more. If you prefer, there’s a Mantis you can ride for additional firepower. 

You’ll see five gravitational cores in the area. The Artemis Tracking system (down on the D-pad) will help you find them all, so make sure you locate and shoot them down. Watch out for enemies and Turrets along the way. Have your team watch your back and target the cores if necessary to quickly shoot them down. 

After taking down the cores, make your way to the override and activate it to enter the Cryptum. You’ll run into the facility, dealing with a few enemies while Exuberant tries to make its way into the Monitor. Make sure you defend her properly, because if she’s destroyed, you’ll have to start over. She’ll ask you to activate two auxiliary stations along the way. Use the boost pad to quickly go from platform to platform and turn them on. Then, make sure you keep her safe from gunfire while she finishes up. 

From there, Exuberant will activate a platform in the center. Hop on and make your way down the walkway, where you’ll come towards an energy relay. A few energy pulses will knock you down, but continue to push forward.

Once you get to the relay, destroy it and this wraps up the campaign. A final cut scene will play and you’re good to go – even if it does end on somewhat of a cliffhanger. There’s always Halo 6, right? 

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