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Halo 5 Guardians Mission 13: Genesis

by Prima Games Staff

Fireteam Osiris is back at the helm, and your job is to escape the Guardian without plunging to your death. You’ll activate some magnetic boots that will help you descend with ease. 

Keep going forward, but watch out for platforms breaking up – you’ll fall to your doom! Keep an eye out for gaps and make sure to jump to steady ground whenever it’s available. Watch out for Crawlers along the way – sometimes it helps to run past them, but if one gets in your path, take it down quickly.

Eventually you’ll come off the Guardian and land safely on Genesis, where you’ll need to find the Master Chief.

Work your way through a door and take the elevator inside, which will bring you to the Exuberant Witness, a digital character that will be useful over the course of the mission. 

Look for a Scorpion. Go ahead and climb in, as the additional firepower will come in handy. You can use it to clean up the Covenant forces that come after you. Make your way around the path until you get to a white door on the right. Head in and look for a circular gateway right in the middle. Some Ghosts will appear, so take them out as soon as you can. Don’t be afraid to call on your teammates for targeting help  by pressing up on the D-pad when a target is highlighted. 

You’ll get to a gap, but don’t jump yet. Wait for the Exuberant to create a light bridge, then safely go across. You’ll run into the Warden Eternal shortly thereafter.

You’ll reach a cliff edge that will take you across the Gateway. From there, you’ll handle a few more Prometheans and then the Warden. Make sure to watch out for the turrets near the front entrance, as they will consistently fire at you. Once they’re all dealt with, you’ll see the Warden form into a new figure. Keep going across the Gateway and you’ll eventually view a cut scene, marking the end of the mission.

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