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Halo 5 Guardians Mission 12: Battle of Sunaion

by Prima Games Staff

You’re back in control of Spartan Locke, working with Fireteam Osiris as they join forces with the Swords of Sanghelios to take on a dangerous mission on Sunaion.

The first thing to look out for are the air defense cannons, which are wreaking havoc on incoming forces in the sky. Shooting the cannons is effective enough, but you can also melee the cannon main battery to shut it down. If you shoot it, look for more powerful weapons, like turrets, which can make short quick work of it. Either way, find a way to shut these down while taking down surrounding enemies. 

From there, work through a set of doors to find the next cannon. Watch out for enemies and take it out either way.

More cannons will pop up over the first part of the level, so continue to doing the same thing, finding a way to take them out while dealing with enemies that get in the way. Watch out for pods that land nearby, as they’ll flood the area with enemies. Clean them up before more pods arrive.

You’ll find a doorway to the left of a cannon (after going through the doors), with another door on the left hand side. Three more cannons are located here, along with more foes. The turrets make quick work of everything, so pick them up and take them off their mounts when you get a chance. This firepower will come in handy. 

Look for an elevator by the second cannon. Head up and keep going among the platforms. Use the D-pad to locate the Guardian on your map, but try to remain on higher ground, which will give you a vantage point. Once you get through the door across the way, deal with any enemies in the area. 

After getting through the door, a pair of Hunters will pop up. Take them down and then find the elevator (use the D-pad down function if you can’t locate it) and make your way up. Follow the path it takes you on and prepare for an even bigger fight. 

The structure will begin to fall apart. Work your way along the debris without falling off the edge, then travel across the bridge, which is crumbling. If you get to the top of that, you’ll find a Data Pad for your trouble, along with a few Crawlers. Kill them and continue climbing. 

The Arbiter will show up, and you’ll have to finish off the remaining Prometheans alongside him. Once he does, the Warden Eternal will appear again. Use your tactics and bring him down, forcing him to disappear. 

Once this is done, a cut scene will play, and the battle of Sunaion will come to a close.

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