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Halo 5 Guardians Mission 1: Osiris

by Prima Games Staff

If you’re new to the Halo series or need to get re-oriented with both Master Chief and Spartan Locke, the first two stages in the game will allow you to get used to the new gameplay features while at the same time moving forward with the story. 

After viewing the initial cut scene, you jump into Spartan Locke’s combat boots and descend into a hot zone. The goal of this Osiris mission is to locate Dr. Halsey, who’s currently being held by Covenant forces on a nearby planet. You jump right into the thick of battle, so be prepared. 

Move forward – it’s pretty much the only way to go in this stage – and take out any foes you encounter using both your assault rifle and Magnum pistol. You can swap out weapons with ones dropped by enemies if you desire, and you’re likely to run out of ammo anyway, so be sure to experiment with different guns. Stay on the right hand side and you’ll notice some steps in a nearby rock formation. Make your way up and you’ll see a doorway blocked off by some large icicles. You’ll be able to bust through this obstruction with ease using your Spartan Charge. Sprint to get a good running start and use the right shoulder button to break it. 

From there, keep moving ahead and taking out enemies that get in your way. Stay on the right hand side and you’ll see a nearby ledge you can climb up (hit the A button to jump to get close to the ledge, then A again to grab it). You’ll see a number of platforms to work your way across. Go ahead and stay on this path, but watch out for foes on your HUD display, which show up in red.

As you continue on this higher path you’ll see a giant door. This takes you into the Security Station, where you can reach an even higher platform right in the middle of everything. Get to the terminal on the higher platform and you’ll be able to take a closer look at the Forerunner station. From there, a door will open below. Pass through it to reach the next part of the stage.

From there, hang a left as the path goes on. You’ll see a ledge to climb up, which will take you into an open fighting area. Many enemies will come at you here, so keep an eye out for them and take these aliens down. You’ll eventually get closer to Dr. Halsey (press down on the D-pad if you lose track of her – doing this will automatically show your next objective). Enemy count will decrease as you continue defeating them. Once they’re gone, look for a doorway alongside the left wall and make your way through it. 

Once you go down the hall, you’ll see a Data Pad to your right hand side. This will provide you with some Osiris Intel. After that, go through the door on the left hand side, as you’ll come face to face with a few Prometheans. Take them down, and don’t forget to press up on the D-pad when you have enemies in your sights – your teammates will automatically gun for them. 

After that’s done, you’ll see a door ahead. Go near it and a cut scene plays, automatically leading to the second mission.

Continue the adventure with Mission 2: Blue Team, or head to the free Halo 5: Guardians Walkthrough and Guide. For in-depth strategies and secrets, check out the Official eGuide and Halo 5: Guardians Collector’s Edition Strategy Guide.

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