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GTA 5 – The Bureau Raid – Fire Crew Approach

by Prima Games Staff

Grand Theft Auto V includes four separate heists which you must execute using the three playable characters and your non playable crew members. Today we are going to walk you through how to complete The Bureau Raid (Fire Crew) and achieve the Gold medal for 100 percent completion.

Crew: Gustavo Mota (Gunman), Packie McReary (Gunman)

Pre-Requisite Missions: The Agency Heist, Architect’s Plans, Getaway Vehicle, Fire Truck

Gold  Completion Requirements:

  • Complete within 18:00
  • Escape with 40 percent oxygen remaining
  • Complete the mopping section within 03:00
  • Abseil down the elevator shaft within 00:30

By completing this mission you will earn the bronze PS3 trophy ‘The Government Gimps’ and the Xbox 360 achievement of the same name.

Before you begin we advise that you head to Ammu-Nation with Franklin and stock up on Body Armor, Pump Shotgun ammunition and Sticky Bombs. It’s also worth noting that if any characters die during this mission, or you have to continue from a checkpoint you will have to restart from the beginning to earn the Gold completion requirements. Since Michael doesn’t earn any money for this heist and Franklin’s take is minimal, choose the best crew possible. This heist really isn’t about the cash.

After watching the cut scene you are in control of Michael. Drive directly to the FIB building. Go as fast as you can. Completing this mission in less than 18 minutes is a condition for Gold completion. The clock is ticking and you need every spare second. Park your car outside and sprint to the front doors. Once you’re in the building you can’t run but move through lobby and take the elevator marked as a green dot on your radar.

After you exit the elevator head through the door directly in front of you to grab the mop and bucket. Look at your radar and head towards the small dots. Yes, you have to mop the floor. If you want to achieve Gold completion you have to finish mopping the floors in three minutes. Drop the bucket on the ground using the right directional button. After rinsing the mop off walk to the dirty areas of the floor and press X (PS3) or A (Xbox 360) to use the mop. Each time you use the mop you have clean it. Head back to the bucket and press L1 (PS3) or Left Bumper (Xbox 360) to rinse the dirty mop. Once the first floor is clean follow the on screen instructions and move towards the lockers. Michael will plant the first explosive automatically.

Head through the glass door in front of you and take the door on the left just before you reach the employee. The area is marked on your radar just as the last one was. Mop the floor just like before and don’t forget to rinse it each time. Finish the floors here and continue down the hall and through the door.

Mop the floors in the third area exactly as the first two. Once you’re done head into the Men’s washroom and enter the second to last stall on your right. Michael will again automatically plant the explosive.

After the explosive is planted, retrieve your bucket and continue along the same path to return it to the Maintenance room. Take the elevator back down to the main floor and exit the building. As soon as you are out of the building, sprint to your car. Remember, every second counts.

After a brief cut scene you will take control of Franklin. Follow the green path on your radar to pick up Michael. Once he’s in the truck, open the contacts on your cell phone and choose the ‘Detonate’ option. Another short cut scene will show the explosives going off at the FIB building.

Drive the short distance to the FIB building. The route is clearly marked on your radar. Once you arrive exit the truck and sprint to the front doors. Run through the lobby and enter the elevator. After the elevator cut scene and as soon as the doors to the elevator open you will notice an oxygen bar in the bottom right of your screen. In order to achieve Gold completion you need to finish the mission with at least 40 percent remaining. This is fairly simple. Just be sure not to get pinned down for an extended period of time.

When the elevator doors open run to your right. Just follow Michael who is wearing the white hat. You have to head up the stairs to the 53rd floor. Feel free to save time and run ahead of your crew. Once you reach the 53rd floor head through the doors and go to your left. Keep working your way left and through any doors. You will come to  a room that looks like a lobby with some chairs in the middle, run to the opposite end of it and plant a sticky bomb on the Server Room door. Stand clear and press left on your directional pad to set off the explosive. Head into the room and to the left. Franklin will automatically grab the containment drive.

Begin to follow Michael out of the building. Try to keep up with the crew member in front of you but if they get a little ways ahead just keep referring to your radar. Your crew members will be marked as blue dots.

As you continue to follow your crew you reach a door that will not open. Michael takes an axe to it, causing an explosion that knocks Gustavo Mota to the ground. Head over to him and help him up. Once he’s on his feet keep following the crew through the burning building until an explosion knocks Franklin to the ground.

When you gain control of Franklin and are back on your feet you’re separated from your crew. Take out your Pump Shotgun. There’s a few FIB agents looking to cause you harm and this weapon gives you the close quarters, one shot one kill firepower that you need. Head straight down the hall and take cover using R1 (PS3) or Right Bumper (Xbox 360) just next to the door. Wait for the FIB agent to start shooting and use the auto targeting system to take him out. Keep moving forward and take a left at the end of the room. Another FIB agent waits through the door, take him down and move up. As you head through the door you’re confronted by a third bad guy. Deal with him like the other two. Head to the opposite end of the room and through the door to your left. Once you’re in the hall two more FIB agents will come at you. Shoot them both and head down the hall taking the door at the end on the right. Sprint to the other end of the room and take another right. There’s a lone bad guy coming out of the stair well so take him out with your shotgun. Once you enter the stairwell on the right side of the room kill the last FIB agent and feel free to put your Pump Shotgun away.

Head through the door one floor below and follow your radar to meet up with your crew. You’re back to simply following them. Once you reach the elevator shaft you need to repel to the bottom. Don’t worry, a cut scene equips your gear for you. If you want to achieve Gold completion you need to repel down the elevator shaft in less than 30 seconds. To repel quickly, hold down on your Right Stick while you press and hold the Square (PS3) or X (Xbox 360). The longer you hold it, the further you will jump allowing you to reach the bottom quickly.

After the cut scene follow your crew from the building and get into the truck. Follow the route marked on your radar to get to the getaway car. The location of the car depends on where you stashed it. Drive as quickly as you can to meet that 18 minute mission completion requirement. Once you reach the getaway car, toss a sticky bomb on the truck. Wait until all members of the crew are well clear and detonate to destroy the truck. Hop in the getaway car and book it back to Lester’s to complete the heist.

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