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Gravity Rush 2 – Dream Doll, Angel Doll – Find all Escaped Ducks

by Josh Hawkins

After regaining your gravity powers in Gravity Rush 2, Kat gains free reign of Banga and is given her first side quest. During this quest a group of ducks escape from their cage, with one of them stealing Cecie’s prized Angel Doll. Kat must find the ducks and return them to the cage, while also keeping an eye out for Cecie’s doll.

Locate Cecie on the map near the bird cage and interact with her to get the mission started. Kat will walk up on Cecie talking to her doll, Angel. While they are chatting, Kat will notice that the gate to the cage is open, and that a single duck as escaped. It will waddle away, but as Cecie tries to catch it, it falls off the walkway. Run to the side and drop down, activating your Gravity Float after you catch it. This will trigger the second part of the quest.

Once you return the first duck, Kat notices that all the other ducks have escaped, as Cecie was too busy worrying about Kat to close the gate. It’s up to you to find the ducks, which have scattered around the small mining town. Unfortunately, one of the ducks has also made off with Angle, Cecie’s prized doll. Help Cecie find all six ducks and return Angel to her rightful owner.

To find the ducks easily, look around and listen to the noises around you. The ducks will make small quacking sounds when you are near, alerting you to their presence. Listen out for this sound and when you hear it, look around for any small white ducks in the area.

To find the first duck, immediately head to the back of the bird coop and listen out. You should get a notification along the bottom of your screen. The first duck can be found on the platform just below the back of the bird coop.

The second duck can be found on the platform with all the flags hanging along ropes. There are also three people standing around on the front of the platform chatting. Drop onto the walkway and look for the duck around the back of the building.

You can find the next duck on another platform in the town near some crates that are stacked on top of each other. Listen out for the quacking to know that you are close.

The fourth duck can be located on top of one of the larger platforms in the town. Look for a platform with several people walking around, and then take note of a group of pigs making their way up the walkway. The duck can be found at the top of the platform, next to a set of planters.

Use your Gravity Float and look along the top of the large watchtower-like structure along the left side of the mining airship to find this duck resting patiently.

The final duck can be found on top of an awning along the left side of the mining ship when you are looking towards the cage that lowers the miners into the Gravity Storm. It can easily be missed, so move slowly to avoid missing it.

Once you have found all the ducks, return to Cecie and talk to her to complete the quest and bring this side mission to a close. This should also earn you the Day in Kat’s Life trophy, which is rewarded for completing one side mission. You can return to our Gravity Rush 2 walkthrough for more detailed guides, tips, and information about Gravity Rush 2.

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