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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD – Chapter 8 – Verdict: Finis

by Bryan Dawson

Mission 12 – Invasion of the Rursus

Things change a bit in this final chapter of the game. You no longer have Special Orders. Instead, these are replaced by Cid’s Crucibles (what’s a Final Fantasy game without Cid?) and must be completed before you can move on to the next area. To help you out, there are longer any Game Over screens. When your entire party dies you will simply be revived. You also must divide your members into two parties of three members each, with the remaining members available to either party. You’ll switch between the two parties frequently.

Shrine of Coronation (Safe Zone)

Your party configuration is important during this mission. Ideally you’ll have a ranged character in both parties, but if you have under-leveled characters, make sure you have a ranged character in party two at the very least. Once you’re ready to go, head through the door to the left to reach the Hall of Transgression.

Hall of Transgression

Throughout this mission you’ll have to deal with a Rursan Reaver. It can KO any member of your party with a single Killsight, so be very careful when engaging the enemy. To finish it off you need to bring down its health, the harvest all of its Phantoma. If you don’t do this quickly, it will get back up and continue the attack. Clear the room, then switch to the second party and head through the door on the right.

Cloister of Revelation

You need to make it all the way through the portal twice without taking any damage. If you fail to do this you’ll be sent back to the start of the crucible. Fast characters work best here. Eight’s Phantom Rush also works well to make this room easier to deal with. You’ll see Cubes when you enter, but every second entry you’ll also have to deal with Hundlelegs.

Cloister of Inspiration

After the safe zones it’s times to run through the Cloister of Inspiration with the second party. You must light the five Candles of Expiation in order to inflict damage to the Rursan Reaver and defeat it. Lock-on and attack the candles until they’re all lit. Engage the Reaver quickly before the candles go out and you have to light them again. Do not attempt to move on to the next area until the Reaver has been taken care of. If you do, all of the other enemies will respawn and you’ll have to deal with them as well. After the safe zone ahead, you’ll have to take out an Iron Giant before you can move on to the Chamber of All safe zone.

Chamber of All (Safe Zone)

You have two choices in this area, Become I’Cie or Remain mortal. If you choose to become I’Cie, you’ll move on to the Chapter of Darkness and get the bad ending for the game. If you want to stay on your current path and get the good ending, choose to remain mortal. This spawns a Relic Portal so you can make changes to your party.

Cloister of Premonition

Harvest seven Phantoma as you defeat any enemies in your path on the way through the warp gates to the upper area. To get the Megalixir and Mega-Ether use the following path: B > D > Mega-Ether (chest) > F > C > B > E > H > J > L > Megalixir (chest) > M > I > N > J > K. Basically, enter gates that have a red jewel above them.

Cloister of Adumbration (Safe Zone)

You are once against tasked with dividing your characters into two parties. The path to the east limits the type of attacks you can use, so make sure your party members have access to magic and abilities so you always have an attack option. Take the first party through the path to the west to enter the Cloister of Exhibition.

Cloister of Exhibition

There are red panels on the floor here. They stay active for seven seconds and any party member who steps on an active panel will take damage. It’s best to have potions with you to heal any characters that step on these panels while avoiding enemy attacks.

You’ll face off against three sets of enemies, many of which will be transparent after they spawn. The transparency doesn’t change anything so attack them as you normally would. The first set of enemies are two Ice Flans, followed by two Zabaiones and a Rursan Reaver, then two more Zabaiones and another Rursan Reaver.

Cloister of Manifestation

Take the second party through the eastern path to reach the Cloister of Manifestation. The first restriction is that you can’t use any physical attacks to defeat the enemies here.  Attack the enemies with magic attacks, then run away and use an Ether or some other item that replenishes MP in order to continue your attacks. You can even use Queen’s Magic Martyr attack to help replenish MP, or simply let your other party members handle the enemies as they are not bound by the restrictions.

You can use some attacks that are not considered physical: Focus (Ace), Explosive Shell (Cater), Multitask (King), Riposte Slash projectiles (Queen), Tone Cluster (Deuce). Make sure you get the Violet Phantoma in the chest before you connect the path to the exit or it will be unobtainable.


There are pillars in the area that must be destroyed to stop the wall from rotating. However, you also need to make sure the wall is lined up with the exit when the final pillar is destroyed. Once you’ve destroyed three of the four pillars, candles will light up and the flames will rotate between the four paths. There’s a glyph on the southern path that can be used to help line up the exit. Destroy the final pillar when the candles alongside the glyph are lit. Be careful because the pillars will respawn if you don’t like up the exit in a timely manner.

After the safe zones you’ll take on the Amphitheater with your second party. This time around the party leader can’t use magic attacks. The Thunder Bombs here can be difficult to deal with. If you’re having trouble with them, keep in mind they will explode automatically after a short time. Just make sure you’re not caught in the explosion of you’ll take significant damage. Defeat all of the enemies and you’ll be able to proceed to the next area.

Cloister of Instruction

You’ll go through a safe zone, followed by the Cloister of Inspiration again in which you’ll have to defeat a Behemoth to move on to the next safe zone and eventually to the Cloister of Instruction. When you take down the Rursan Reaver in the middle of the room, it becomes a far more powerful version of itself. Defeat the upgraded Reaver and you can proceed to the next safe zone.

Portal of Destruction (Safe Zone)

There are doors in this area with symbols of the Four Crystal-States. These doors are warp gates that lead to a powerful enemy. Defeat the enemy and you’re sent back to this room where you can adjust your party using the Relic Terminal on the north side. Get through all four gates to open a path to the Spiral of Rebirth.

Adjust your party accordingly, then head through the red gate. Take out all of the Dominion Legionaries and the Golem to clear the room. Next up is the blue door to the southeast that leads to a room with poisonous gas. You won’t die from the poison effect, but you’ll need some potions for this room to ensure your health doesn’t get dangerously low. If you get hit by the Rursan Reaver’s attacks, you’ll have a Killsight on that character, so be very careful and keep your distance if this happens.

In the other blue door you’ll face off against a group of Dracobaltians. In the purple door you’ll battle an Unidentified Target (Gilgamesh). You’ll also have to dodge cannon fire from above. If you get hit you won’t take much damage, but it will knock that character back. Gilgamesh fights just like the boss encounter before. Stand in front of him to bait out an attack, then dodge to get a Breaksight opportunity. Don’t attack unless you have a Breaksight opportunity.

The last door is yellow and you need to defeat the three invisible Reavers inside. You can use any character to take them out, but it’s easiest to use a ranged character so you can attack from a distance. If you can hit during a Breaksight then the Reavers will become visible again.

In the next room there are two flying Magitek Armors that must be defeated. Once again, a ranged character works best against these enemies. if you attack as often as possible you will eventually connect during a Breaksight opportunity and make things a bit easier for you.

Spiral of Rebirth

Before you head through the portal in the center of the Portal of Destruction, change up your party so you only have one member. It’s best to use someone fast for the upcoming battle. Blood rises at a slow pace once you enter the Spiral of Rebirth. You need to clear the room before the blood gets too high. Make your way up while avoiding attacks from the Cubes. No matter how fast you climb, you will be KO’d when you reach the top and teleported to the Sanctuary of Descension. With only one member in your party you will still be able to score an S-rank on this mission.

Use dodges to move faster while while in the Sanctuary of Descension. Approach the crystals in the center of the hall to initiate a cut-scene that eventually leads to the final boss battle.

Boss Battle: The Rursan Arbiter

The first portion of the boss battle cannot be won. Your party is forced to battle while wounded which makes it impossible to win. However, once your entire party has wiped, you will be resurrected in a much more powerful state. At this point all you have to do is land an attack during a Breaksight opportunity, harvest the Phantoma, then select another character from your reserve list and repeat the process. It’s much easier to land the necessary attacks after you’ve harvested six Phantoma, so use your best characters during the first half of this phase. Striking the Killsight with the 12h character, then harvesting the Phantoma ends the battle and completes the game.

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