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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD – Chapter 7: Fate of the Crystal – The Endless Battle

by Bryan Dawson

Mission 10 – The Kingdom’s Final Hours (RTS)

S-Rank Requirements:
Time – 35:00
Mission – 9
Casualties – 0

Neutralize the Energy Wall Around Shakara

A full frontal assault against Shakara isn’t going to work right off the bat. Focus on helping the Main Camp forces take Domain 2. As they approach, turn your attention toward the Atmosvern dragon that attacks. You need to get its health down to the yellow bar. Be very careful as you engage Atmosvern because a single fireball will almost certainly kill off your party leader. Once you’ve secured Domain 2 you should have a much easier time attacking Shakara.

Trat Gardens

Once the energy shield is down, infiltrate Shakara. There’s only one room you need to deal with, but you’ll have to face off against a Dualistag and a Red Demonicorn. Defeat them to spawn the Dracoknight commander that controls Shakara, Tonogiri. Stay away from Tonogiri and keep moving or you’ll have a hard time taking him down. A melee combatant works best against Tonogiri, but you’ll need a bit of speed, so Trey shouldn’t be your first choice.

Neutralize the Energy Wall at Rilochy

Defeat Tonogiri and Moglin requests that you absorb Tonogiri’s Phantoma. Complete that task then order Shakara’s military to attack Domain 3. When you see the Atmosvern head toward Domain 1, shoot it a few times to scare it off, then assist with Domain 3. When your units reach Domain 3 you’ll have to take out the Atmosvern for good. Once that’s done you shouldn’t have any issues taking Domain 3 and 4. When that task is complete, go to Rilochy and wait for the energy shield to dissipate.

Town of Rilochy

After the energy shield is gone, begin your invasion of the town. You’ll need a fast party leader to take down the Dracoknights in the area, so just about anyone other than Trey is a good choice. Once you’ve captured the town head northeast to reach Main Street. Clear out the large number of enemies here before moving southeast to the Town Square. Take down the first two Wingverns here, then engage the Diepvern in the lower area. Defeat all of the enemies to secure the town and be transported to Mahamayuri.

The road to Mahamayuri is long and there are three Flyverns that attack along the way. You don’t need to worry about attacking the Flyverns. The mission is complete as soon as you make it to Mahamayuri. Take your chocobo and run right past the enemies to complete the mission.

Missions 11 – Capturing the Imperial Capital

S-Rank Requirements:
Time – 1:00
Phantoma – 0
Casualties – 0

Boss Battle: General Qator Bashtar

There isn’t a lot to this mission aside from a few Special Orders and the boss battle against General Qator Bashtar. You may remember Bashtar from earlier in the game. While he’s considerably stronger compared to the last time you fought against him, there isn’t much else that’s different. Your primary form of damage will come in the way of Breaksight opportunities, and you’ll still need to deal with the General’s speed.

Like before, whenever the General stop moving, expect an attack. He won’t attack while moving, so don’t worry about how fast he is. When you see the General stop, get ready to dodge to the left or right to avoid the attack that follows. Continue attacking anytime Bashtar is moving and you’ll hit a Breaksight. This drops him to the ground allowing you to rack up on the damage. Defeat him to complete the mission and earn a Fire BOM-II spell.

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