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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD – Chapter 6: Terra Mortis – Khalia’s Decision

by Bryan Dawson

Mission 9 – The Clash on Big Bridge

S-Rank Requirements:
Time – 25:00
Phantoma – 108
Casualties – 0

Last Line, Second Line and First Line

Accept the Special Order, then just wait out the timer. You can complete the Special Order in this room without lifting a finger. When you move on to the Second Line, switch to a ranged character and focus on taking out the Commanding Officer in order to move on to the First Line. When you reach the First Line, just try to hold off the Colossus units until the timer runs out and you get support from your troops.

East Bank

After the safe zone take down the Warrior Commanding Officer in the Former Encampment, then move into the East Bank. When you reach the East Bank, wait for the Special Order that requires you to take down three Warriors to appear before you accept any other Special Offer. Finish off all of the enemies marked on the map to open the bridge, then take out the Commanding Officer that spawns.

Big Bridge

Take down all of the enemies marked on the map, then engage the second set of enemies that spawn. When the two Colossi and the Imperial Trooper Commanding Officer appear, do not kill the Commanding Officer. If you can manage that, head back to the East Bank to find a Relic Terminal and Recovery Portal. When you attempt to leave the area, switch to your best melee character and engage the Colossi that attack. Whichever character you fight as will not be available for a short time after the battle, so keep that in mind before you select a character.

You’re tasked with taking down three Colossi. After clearing the area you’ll have to face off against a plethora of Imperial soldiers until a Commanding Officer finally spawns. Take him out and you’ll be able to alter your party configuration before heading on to the West Bank.

West Bank

When you engage Major Ernst and his crystal jammer Magitek Armor, move around to attack him from the side to avoid his frontal attacks. Take him down and you’ll be able to save your progress and adjust your party accordingly before moving on to the Fortified Area.

Fortified Area

Switch to a character with ranged attacks so you can handle the enemies in this area a little better. You need to defeat every enemy marked on your map before you can move on to the next Fortified Area. When you get to the next area, switch to a ranged character to take down the enemies blocked off by the rubble then proceed to Airbase M-680.

Airbase M-680

Focus on the Helldivers here to move on, but wait until the timer expires before you kill any of them. If you kill them too fast more will spawn to replace them. Once you’ve cleared the area, head down the southern path instead of following the marker on your map. In the next area, take down the soldiers and Helldivers in order to get the Commanding Officer to spawn. If you’re trying to complete the Special Order, don’t kill the Commanding Officer until the Special Order appears on your screen. Clear the area, then go back to the previous area and continue through the northern passage to the Field Artillery Station safe zone.

Heavy Artillery Depot

When you leave the safe zone you need to take down four Colossi in the depot before the Commanding Officer will spawn. Switch to a ranged character and make full use of the cover in the area to defeat the Commanding Officer and shut down the turret. With the Commanding Officer down you now have eight minutes to get back to the safe zone you just left. When you get there ignore the enemies (unless you want to complete the Special Order) and continue on to the next area.

Airbase M-680 Revisited

Use the Keycard on the small building to the west which will allow you to find two more Keycards that open up the other small buildings. Depending on how much time you have remaining, head back to the other airbase using the southern path to access two more small buildings with items inside.

You’ll have to take on a group of enemies once you grab the items, so make sure you have at least five or six minutes before you head back to the area. When you’re done, head through the east path to reach the Fortified Area again where there are two more Keycards and small buildings. When the timer finally stops upon reaching the safe zone, prepare to the upcoming boss battle.

Boss Battle: Gilgamesh

Like a few other battles during your first playthrough, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to defeat Gilgamesh at this point. Your best bet is to use a character with ranged attacks and keep your distance as much as possible. He uses a spinning attack that’s followed by a sword slam. He may use this combo multiple times in rapid succession, but you’ll be rewarded with Breaksight opportunities. Whether you take him down or your party is wiped out, the mission comes to an end and rewards you with the Odin Eidolon.

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