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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD – Chapter 4: The Last Queen’s Return to Oblivion

by Bryan Dawson

Mission 6 – Escaping the Imperial Capital

S-Rank Requirements:
Time – 25:00
Phantoma – 90
Casualties – 0

Grand Foyer and Hotel Armada

Once you get through the first area, the energy wall drops and the Special Order will appear. The Guest Registers you need for the Special Order are located by the computers at the front desk in the next room. Complete that, then make your way into the safe zone ahead. In the Hotel Armada beyond, select a ranged character so you can easily take down the imperial soldiers on top of the trucks.

District 0711

For the Special Order in this room, switch to a ranged character again so you can take down the Mid-Sized Carrier. Once that’s down and you’ve finished off the remaining soldiers in the room, the Commanding Officer spawns. Defeat the Commanding Officer to remove the gate to the north that blocks your path.

District 0714

Be cautious here, as there are multiple Colossus units that can cause lots of trouble for you if you’re not careful. Your best course of action here is to select a melee character (surprise!) and try to bait the Colossus into attacking you. Stand in front of the Colossus and wait for it to raise its arms. As soon as you see this happen, dodge to the backside of the Colossus to avoid the attack that follows. When you see the Breaksight, prepare to take it down.

You only need to take out one of them to remove the gate blocking the other side of the room. Make your way to the far side of the room to spawn the Colossus Commanding Officer. Defeat him to gain access to the safe zone ahead.

District 0722 and 0723

Imperials soldiers will swarm out of the train car and attack you, but if you head to the north side of the room you’ll spawn the Commanding Officer. Take him out and you can make your way into District 0723 without having to spend too much time on the soldiers. In the next room you need to collect three Army Notebooks which are located on the far west side, one in the center path near the middle (on the left side) and one in the southeast corner of the area. Collect all three, defeat the Colossus Commanding Officer, then head through the passage to the north.

District 0724

Once you enter this area, it won’t be long before Supersoldier Akkad spawns. You can’t engage him and win at the moment, so you’re going to have to put up with him for the remainder of this chapter. For the Special Orders in this room, don’t even bother locking on to Akkad. Just run to the other side of the room anytime he approaches.

District 0725 and 0726

This is another room that only requires you to kill the Commanding Officer to proceed. However, if you’re going for the Special Orders here, you’ll also need to take out at least two of the imperial soldiers before you engage the Commanding Officer. Once you reach District 0726 you’ll need to score a Killsight strike on an Imperial Trooper for the Special Order. Do this quickly because there aren’t many Troopers to go around and Akkad is still on your tail.

District 0727

The Commanding Officer in this room flees as soon as you enter. Your best bet is to attack him immediately because he drops a key card that you’re going to need. However, if he manages to get away you can still track him down and obtain the key card. When you head back to District 0726 you’ll have to face a Colossus Commanding Officer in the middle of the room. Defeating him gives you access to District 0728. If you didn’t finish off the Commanding Officer before, he’s running up the ramp ahead when you enter this 0728. Finish him off to obtain the Gate Key, then head back to District 0727.

District 0730

As soon as you leave the safe zone for District 0730, a timer will begin counting down. This represents when the train will leave. That means you need to take down the Commanding Officer and board the train in less than three minutes. Akkad will also appear to give you further trouble, but ignore him and focus on the Commanding Officer. As soon as he’s down, follow the yellow marker on your map to reach the train.

Tiger Liner 703A (Safe Zone)

This area is not a safe zone in the typical sense. Do not move too far into the room. Save your progress and adjust your characters as need be. As soon as you make your way down the ramp you’ll be attacked by Imperial Troopers and Airborne Troopers. See, not so safe!

Switch to a character with a ranged attack to have an easier time with the aerial enemies. Once they’re all taken care of, head north, then knock down the ramp onto the train to the right. A Special Order will appear once you get across and start to make your way north again. Take down more soldiers, then knock down the second ramp to find two more enemies. There’s an item to the far north of the train. If you want the item, don’t kill the last two enemies immediately.

District 3348

Take out all of the Imperial Troopers to access the northeast path. When the shield drops, head north to engage a bevy of Imperial Troopers. Finish them off to remove the gate to the northeast and spawn another Imperial Trooper and a Commanding Officer. Focus on the Commanding Officer first so you can get the MPV-A1 Trunk Key, then use that to open the truck closest to the gate to get a Hi-Potion and a key to the other truck from the soldiers inside.

District 3349

As soon as you get into the room, you’ll have to face off against two Coeurls and an Imperial Trooper. Take them out to spawn two more Troopers, then head toward the western gate to find the Commanding Officer. Finish him off to get a key to the truck near the entrance. Open the trunk to obtain a Support Serum.

District 3350

There’s a barricade blocking off the north side of the room, but that’s the least of your worries. From here on out you’ll have to deal with the Vajra Magitek Armor. It attacks quickly, so be alert if you want to dodge its attacks. A ranged character works well in this battle. Stay as far away as you can, attacking from a distance, then slide under it when it gets too close. Inflict enough damage and Vajra climbs away and the Special Orders appear.

Stay in the corner near the entrance to the room to remain out of Vajra’s reach and complete the Special Orders with relative ease. When you need to head to the north side of the room, move just behind the truck in the barricade and wait for Vajra to attack. The attack will clear out the truck, creating a path for you to head north to the next truck on the right side of the barricade. Repeat the process here, then head into the passage to the right.

A-13 Building

Switch to a ranged character again and attack Vajra until it climbs up to the second floor. Head to the rubble but stick to the right side of the room to avoid attacks from Vajra. When Vajra takes off, head through the door behind you and into the safe zone.

A-13 Building 2F

Head toward the end of the hall to spawn a Snow Giant. Once again, a ranged character works well against this enemy. Keep your distance, backing away and attacking as the Snow Giant approaches. When it gets too close, slide past it. Finish it off, then make your way through the first opening on the left.

A-13 Building Basement and Underground Storeroom

Take down all of the Bat Eyes in the basement to drop the energy shield blocking your way to the northeast path that leads into the Underground Storeroom. There are two Snow Giants in the Storeroom, but a lot of room to move around and avoid any attacks. Don’t accept the Special Orders until you’ve got one of the Snow Giants down to one bar of health. Take out the enemies, then check every corner of the room to find three Support Serums in total. Collect everything then make your way back up to A-13 Building 2F and continue through the northern passage to reach the Supply Route.

Supply Route

More Evil Eyes are scattered here. Once again, take them all out to lower the energy shield blocking your path. For the Special Order, the first Supply List is in the first room after entering the area. The second is sitting in front of the second energy shield, between the two boxes.

Elevator Lobby

Use your most damaging character to engage the Behemoth in this room. Try to stay behind the Behemoth to avoid most of its attacks. When it’s tail begins to raise slightly, dodge backward to avoid the attack that follows. Take down the Behemoth to spawn Piett, an imperial soldier. Take him out to get a Hi-Potion, then proceed into the safe zone ahead.

Emergency Stairs

Move toward the energy shield and Vajra begins to attack. You only need to hit it a couple of times to get it off the roof, so watch its pattern and dodge accordingly. Switch to a ranged character and head toward the stairs to engage Vajra again. It won’t take much to get rid of it, and once it’s gone you can proceed down the stairs to find more Imperial Troopers. Finish them off, then head into District 3352.

District 3352

Take out the two Supersoldiers to remove the energy shield, then make your way toward the west side of the room. You’ll have to take on two Colossus units here, which can be difficult. Move around accordingly to ensure you don’t get stuck between them. For the Special Orders, lock-on to the fuel tank on your left and wait for the Colossus to get close to it. Complete the Special Orders to receive another one that requires you to get the key from the Commanding Officer and pick up the items inside each truck. Once that’s complete, head into the safe zone to prepare for the coming boss battle.

Boss Battle: Vajra

As you might have guessed, a character with ranged attacks is best suited for the boss battle against Vajra. This time around it moves a lot faster than before, but nothing else is new about this encounter. The key to this battle is to focus on hitting its Breaksight. Vajra has fairly low health, so it won’t take many Breaksights to finish it off and complete the mission. Once that’s done you’ll obtain a Thunder ROK magic.

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