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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD – Chapter 3: Weapons of Mass Destruction

by Bryan Dawson

Mission 4: – The Infiltration of Iscah

S-Rank Requirements:
Time – 15:00
Phantoma – 90
Casualties – 0

Iscah Aqueduct UG-92

Head north from the safe zone to enter the next room, which begins to flood immediately. Turn the valve on the west side of the room to lower the water level before it gets too high. Three Evil Eyes await your presence on the other side of the room. Stay on the move while you attack these enemies in order to avoid their Stop spell. Defeat the Evil Eyes, then continue through the passage to the northwest.

Iscah Aqueduct UG-93

The next room provides even more Evil Eyes for you entertainment. This time around a few Flans join in on the fun just to mix things up a bit. As is the tradition with most Final Fantasy games, Flans take very little damage from physical attacks, so prioritize magic when you fight them. Once you’ve defeated all of the enemies, make your way to the eastern passage.

Eastern Dynamo

Ankhegs attack in this room. Take them out as you head toward the dynamo on the top of the stairs to the left. Place the Magicite charge on the gears up the stairs, then make your way back to Iscah Aqueduct UG-93 and continue through the western passage to reach your next destination.

Iscah Aqueduct UG-94 and UG-95

You’ll see the water rising in this room, but there’s no valve to turn here. Instead, finish off the enemies just ahead, then make your way through the southern passage to reach Iscah Aqueduct UG-95. You’ll face off against more Ankhegs, Evil Eyes and Flans as you approach the valve on the south side of the room. Activate the valve, then go west to find the Southern Dynamo.

Southern Dynamo

Things may looks peaceful with only a single Evil Eye guarding the dynamo, but think again. As soon as you take down the lone enemy and plant the Magicite charge, a horde of Evil Eyes spawn. Take them down, then make your way back to Iscah Aqueduct UG-94 to find the water level has been lowered. There are plenty of enemies here, so be mindful as you make your way toward the center of the room to reach the northern passage that leads into the next area.

Iscah Aqueduct UG-96 and UG-97

There isn’t much going on in this room, Just take care of the enemies and go through the eastern path to reach Iscah Aqueduct UG-97. Take out the Flame Flan and Ankhegs in this room, then proceed to the far side toward the Northern Dynamo.

Northern Dynamo

Head up the stairs to engage the three Flame Flans, then plant the Magicite charge on the last dynamo and make your way back to Iscah Aqueduct UG-96. Head through the newly cleared northern doorway to reach a safe zone. Save your progress and make any character adjustments you need to, then head north to Iscah Aqueduct UG-142.

Iscah Aqueduct UG-142

In addition to the monsters you’ve faced up until now, you have to deal with Imperial Troopers and Shock Troopers as well. There’s also a timer counting down, but as long as you don’t stand around for too long you shouldn’t have any issues completing your task before time expires. Take out the enemies, then proceed into the next room, Iscah Aqueduct UG-143.

Iscah Aqueduct UG-143 and UG-144

Head to the northwest corner to find the water release valve, then finish off the slew of monsters that appear and continue through the northwest passage to Iscah Aqueduct UG-144. Three Flame Flans are sitting around the corner and you don’t have a lot of room to work with, so take your time here to ensure you don’t get stuck between the Flans. Take them down then proceed onward into Iscah Aqueduct UG-145.

Iscah Aqueduct UG-145

There’s a Knowing Tag in the southwest corner of this room. Blocking your path is a lovely Diceratops. There’s not much to worry about here. Just stay on the move and try to attack them from behind to take them down faster. Make quick work of the monsters, then go back to Iscah Aqueduct UG-143 and take the path to the southeast.

Iscah Aqueduct UG-146

You need to make your way to the northeast passage, but an energy field blocks your path. Take down the Imperial Troopers to deactivate the energy field, then proceed through. As soon as you go beyond the passage two RPG-155 Gunners spawn alongside a Supersoldier. Take out all of the enemies and proceed through the northeastern passage.

Iscah Aqueduct UG-147 and UG-148

The next two passages are similar to Iscah Aqueduct UG-144. It’s fairly narrow and there are a good number of enemies. Once again, take your time to avoid engaging too many enemies at once as you make your way through both areas and into Iscah Aqueduct UG-149.

Iscah Aqueduct UG-149 and UG-151

Take down the Imperial Troopers and the Commanding Officer to remove the barrier that blocks your path into Iscah Aqueduct UG-151. When you reach UG-151 you’ll find that it’s another narrow area filled with enemies. Take your time once again and be extra cautious of the Heavy Gunner that can inflict considerable damage to your entire team if you’re not careful.

Iscah Aqueduct UG-26

When you reach the next room you’ll find even more Imperial Troopers. Are you surprised yet? Clear the room, then head through the northwest passage. If you happened to take the Special Orders for the room, you’ll need to find the Sullied Ring located around the southeastern corner.

Iscah Aqueduct UG-27

You reach another narrow room filled with enemies. This time around switch to a ranged character to make quick work of the Martinets that attack. There’s no need to clear the enemies before you proceed into Iscah Aqueduct UG-28, but feel free to have some fun if you like.

Iscah Aqueduct UG-28

Flying Panjandrums, Coeurls and Supersoldiers inhabit this room, which means you’ll need to stick with your ranged character of choice to take them out. Make sure you’re at a distance when they go down to avoid the explosion that follows. Kill them and proceed toward the Aqueduct exit to find more Imperial Troopers and an RPG-Gunner Commanding Officer, Corporal Helmutt. Focus on the Commanding Officer to gain access to the safe zone ahead.

Imperial Command

Prepare yourself for a fight before you leave the safe zone for the Imperial Command. A ranged attacker is very good for the Imperial Command room, and make sure you have a thunder attack so you can complete both Special Orders while you’re clearing the room. When you reach the large room, focus on the enemies lining the balcony until the Commanding Officer and Colossus appear. Use a thunder attack on the Colossus to complete the Special Order, then finish off both enemies to obtain a Golem and complete the mission.

Mission 5 – Operation MA Demolition

S-Rank Requirements:
Time – 30:00
Phantoma – 50
Casualties – 1

Materiel Depot

Once you have the stolen Magitek Armor you can wander the area to pick up items or you can head directly for your next mission, which is located at the Magitek Armor factory to the north. When you reach the factory you’ll have to channel your inner Solid Snake and use stealth to make your way through most of the mission. Watch out for the red rings of the Panjamdrums and stay behind the flying Nomads (or use a melee attack to destroy them in one hit). If you happen to get caught you’ll have to fight off a horde of enemies until you move into the next room in the factory.

Make your way toward the south hallway until the wall to your right explodes. Once this happens, backtrack to the start of the hallway and head down the ladder to the right to reach Waterway Sector UG-1.

Waterway Sectors

As you progress through the Waterway Sectors you’ll encounter a plethora of enemies that seem to keep attacking. Don’t worry about taking them all down because you can’t. They will continuously flood into every room no matter how many you kill. Get through each room as quickly as you can by following the yellow marker on the map and only engaging enemies that are directly in your path out of each room. If you’re looking to grab the treasure chests, lock-on to one of the enemies, then cycle through your available targets until you find the chest.

In the first room you’ll find a sleeping Marduk that you do not want to wake up. This is a formidable enemy that you will almost certainly die to if it’s awakened. Don’t worry about the Special Orders at this time. Instead, just head toward the northwest passage and into Waterway Sector UG-3, then the northeast path to Waterway Sector UG-4 to collect items. Backtrack to UG-3 then continue to follow the yellow marker until you reach the safe zone.

Sensor Calibration Lab

When you reach Warehouse RD-1, head directly into the Sensor Calibration Lab to the west. Make sure you read the names of the rooms before you enter to be sure you’re going into the right one. Once you’re in the lab, make sure the researchers don’t catch a glimpse of your or you’ll have deal with a slew of Imperial Troopers. Look into the windows on the top level to find a small box with a red light. This is the alarm and it needs to be destroyed.

Stand in front of the alarm box so that the researchers can’t trigger it. Once the researches have cleared the room (they’ll run away from you) destroy the alarm box, then finish off the researchers. Pick up the ID Card that one of the researchers drops, then access the computer marked on the map. With that taken care of, make your way to the lower level of Warehouse RD-1, then north to the Warehouse RD-2 room. Once you’re in Warehouse RD-2, head to the southern passage, which is just east of your starting location.

Armor Development Lab

This is another room with an alarm box that needs to be destroyed. The alarm box is located on the upper level, below the windows. Head down the path to the left, then quickly to the right. Just like before, clear away the researchers, destroy the box, then finish off the researchers once the alarm is down. You’ll find another ID Card with which to access the computer. Once that’s done you can leave the room and head down the southwest path to Warehouse RD-3, then northeast to the Parameter Stabilization Lab.

Parameter Stabilization Lab

The alarm box in this room is located on the far side, right in front of the computer. You’ll need to make use of your fastest ranged character (or fastest character in general if you still have issues) and head straight for the alarm box without making any stops. Once again, stand in front of the alarm box to dispatch the researchers, then take down the alarm, finish off the researchers, pick up the ID Card and interact with the computer. When you’re done, follow the yellow marker on the map back to Warehouse RD-1, then make your way through the large door to the south to reach a safe zone.

Transport Route MA-1

When you enter the next corridor after the safe zone, the alarms are set off immediately and you can’t turn it off, so be ready to fight. As you enter the next room you’ll find that a barricade blocks your path. Hold off on accepting the Special Orders for this room and wait in the corner until the western pathway opens. When the path is open, head through and take down the Commanding Officer at the end of the bridge, accepting the Special Orders just before you finish him off.

Arsenal 61 and 68

The next large room is partially blocked until you can defeat all of the enemies within. Take them down, then proceed through the next area until you reach the gate. Defeat all of the Imperial Soldiers to remove the gate and head into the safe zone just beyond.

Transport Route MA-2

There’s a bridge at the end of this area, but crossing it will kill your party leader. Before you make your way across, use a Phoenix Pinion on your party leader. If you don’t have one, switch your party leader to the weakest member of your team. As you cross, a White Tiger I’Cie spawns to kill your leader.

Arsenal 71 and 105

Continue through the next area until you reach the Commanding Officer. Pick up the item in the northeast corner, then take out the Commanding Officer or continue into the next room. It’s not required to finish him off or clear the room, so it’s up to you. In the next room you’ll face off against more Martinets. Use a ranged character to make quick work of them, then proceed down the southwestern path to another safe zone.

Sentinel Hanger

Before you leave the safe zone to enter the hanger, make sure you save your progress and change your party leader to a ranged combatant other than Trey. As soon as you step into the Sentinel Hanger a Colossus activates. Take it down, then immediately shoot the enemy to the right that’s heading toward another Colossus on the west side.

Shift your focus to the southwest corner of the room to spot another enemy that needs to be shot down quickly. Finally, look to the southeast corner to finish off Lieutenant Enriquez before he reaches the Colossus. Take them all down and another Commanding Officer, as well as a bevy of Imperial Troopers flood into the room. Ignore the Troopers and focus your attention on the Commanding Officer.

Finish him off and a Relic Terminal and Recovery Portal spawn. Save your progress and drop all of your party members except for one ranged character to prepare for the boss battle that follows.

Boss Battle: Brionac

The battle against Brionac isn’t about inflicting a ton of damage or trying to hone your senses so you can dodge fast attacks. Brionac telegraphs most of its attacks, so you’ll know when it’s attacking. The important part is knowing where it’s going to attack so you can make sure your character is not there. It’s best to go into this battle with only a single character because chances are the AI-controlled characters would just die, and damaging isn’t really an issue during this battle.

Most of the time you’re going to want to avoid Brionac’s attacks by moving to the entryway. After each attack concludes, move back into the room to avoid an attack that hits directly in the entryway. It’s also good to pay attention to Moglin. If you’re told to hide, make a break for the entryway.

If Brionac swings its arm downward, the following attack will sweep across in front of it. When the arm is pulled back, move into the entryway to avoid the attack. You’ll have a Breaksight opportunity immediately after, so make sure you take advantage of it.

When the Brionac’s arms begin to electrify, head back into the entryway and shoot down the electrified Magitek Armor that’s about to fly in your direction. Lock-on to the Magitek Armor as they fly toward you. As soon as you see the Killsight, hit them to send the armors flying right back at Brionac. If Brionac lifts its left arm, get into the entryway again to avoid the following arm slam attacks. You’ll have another Breaksight chance immediately after.

Boss Battle: Nimbus

Defeat Brionac and you’ll have to face off against Nimbus in the next area. You don’t really battle against Nimbus, you just basically wait until Nimbus leaves. You can also let Nimbus kill you, but your report card won’t be as good with the casualty on there.

As soon as Nimbus spawns you’ll see symbols appear on the ground. Make sure you aren’t under these symbols, since the attack that emits from them will kill you instantly. Alternate dodging left and right to avoid any symbols that appear directly above you. If Nimbus moves to the other side of the room, dodge away instead of dodging left or right.

If Nimbus moves closer to the ground, he’ll use an instant kill attack or spin two beams around his head. Get to either side of Nimbus and as far away from him as you can to avoid both attacks. Keep up the dodging for about four or five minutes and Nimbus will leave. This completes the mission and grants you a Fire ROK spell for your troubles.

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