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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD – Chapter 2: Rise the Vermilion Banner

by Bryan Dawson

Mission 1 – The Cadets’ First Deployment

S-Rank Requirements:
Time – 06:00
Phantoma – 48
Casualties – 0

McTighe Midtown

Three Imperial Troopers attack as soon as you arrive in McTighe. Take them out, then continue to the north and into the next area. Near the end of the next area to the east you’ll find three more Imperial Troopers. Make quick work of them, then backtrack and make your way to the eastern exit where you’ll find four more enemies in the next area. Finish off this set of Troopers to open the door to the north. In the center of the next area you’ll find more Troopers and finally their Commanding Officer. Finish off these enemies, then head back to the second room (where you first went east) and make your way through the northern exit.

Imperial Line

The big concern with this area are the stairs near the middle. There are a large numbers of Imperial Troopers, a few barricades and even Autoturrets to deal with. You can work around the long way and take them from behind, but facing them head-on isn’t all that troublesome. Use any of your characters that have Blizzard BOM, which will take down the barricades with ease.

Take out each set of barricades, then proceed to finish off the enemies behind them before moving on to the next set of barricades and Troopers. When you reach the top, move behind the Autoturrets as quickly as possible, then unleash your most powerful attacks to finish them off before they can turn and light up your characters with firepower.

With the enemies down, make a U-turn to the left, passing the warehouse on your right. Follow the railing on the left to find another Autoturret. Take it down, then continue to follow the railing and head the next area through the west exits to find another item, then head east to the adjacent area.

McTighe Midtown

Take out the three Imperial Troopers along the slope, while making your way to the western alley to find an item. Once you’ve completed those two tasks, go east to reach the next area, then northeast to your next destination. You should now see four Imperial Troopers ahead, two of which are on elevated platforms.  Select a character with ranged attacks to make quick work of these enemies, then proceed into the next area to find a Commanding Officer in the middle of the room.

Ignore the snipers on the balcony here, as they will endlessly respawn. Instead, focus your attention on the Commanding Officer. Once he is down, the next set of doors open and you can continue into the next area. Pick up the item in the top-left corner of the Demolished Square safe zone, then head into the final area to face off against the boss.

Boss Battle: Imperial Command

This boss battle should be somewhat familiar to you because it’s essentially just a Commanding Officer in a Magitek Armor with considerably more health than the ones you’ve faced up until now. Stick to the sides of the boss to avoid most of its attacks; a ranged character works well for this boss battle. Before you worry too much about the Magitek Armor, focus on Major Massena, then switch to the fuel tank when Massena is on the ground.

Ignore the Imperial Troopers that attack from the south during the boss battle. If you take them out more will spawn in their place, so keep your attention on the boss. Defeat the Magitek Armor to complete the mission! As a bonus, you can go back to McTighe to find the mayor on the center platform. If you help him out you’ll earn an I’Cie Mizu’a’s Crystal for your troubles. You’ll need to check every door along the walls to complete your task, but it’s worth it.

Mission 2 – Operation Reconquista (RTS)

S-Rank Requirements:
Time – 20:00
Objectives – 9
Casualities – 0

Occupy Domain 1

Directly in front of McTighe you’ll find Domain 1. Make your way over there and defeat the enemy units as they depart. To make this quick and easy, use a chocobo and chocobo kicks, which will finish off each unit in a single attack. When your troops start to circle Domain 1, head southeast toward the forest to find an Autoturret. Take down the turret to gain full control of Domain 1.

Order Domain 1 to Attack Aqvi

Head back to Domain 1 and press the Action button for troop production and dispersal. You want Domain 1 to produce Blaze Units that should be sent to Aqvi, just south of the town. Take down the enemy units coming out of Aqvi until your troops have lowered the energy shield. Once that’s done, approach the town and press the Action button to initiate the invasion.

Southern Square

As soon as you enter Aqvi, head all the way down until you see the three Imperial Troopers. Finish them off quickly to open the door to the north where you’ll find the commander, Major Herriot. You only have five minutes to take him out once you enter the town. If you take any longer than that he’ll escape, so don’t worry about anything else and head straight to the commander once the troopers are down. When you reach the commander in the next area, focus on him first, then engage the Magitek Armor next to him.

Before you leave Aqvi, take down enemy soldiers until you obtain five Phantoma in order to complete the mission you received from Moglin. Once you have at least five, you are free to leave the town.

Attack Corsi

Arrange for both Aqvi and Domain 1 to send Blaze Units toward Domain 2. When Corsi sends out Warrior Units toward McTighe, you need to engage and destroy them. Your best course of action is to use Trey so you can attack from outside of the Warrior Units attack range. Once Domain 2 has been taken, the Warrior Units will cease their attack.

Invade Corsi

Once the energy shield surrounding Corsi has been removed, begin your invasion. Use Blizzard BOM on the barricades when you first enter Corsi via Main Street. When you reach Angular Alley you’ll encounter three more Imperial Troopers as well as snipers on the balconies and even Shock Troopers (shielded Imperial Troopers) a bit further down.

You can ignore the snipers, as you only need to take out the Shock Troopers and Imperial Troopers here. You should have no trouble with the Imperial Troopers, but the best way to deal with the Shock Troopers is to attack them from behind or wait for them to attack, then immediately attack them while their defenses are down.

Town Square

With the enemies taken care of, head to the Town Square to find the Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Hamilton. He’s using a Magitek Armor, so stay behind him to avoid most of his attacks. If he charges in your direction, you need to quickly circle around to his back to avoid the coming attack. If you have trouble dodging his attacks, stay on the move constantly and do your best to remain behind him as often as possible.

Once Lieutenant Hamilton is down the mission is complete, but before you head home, go back to Corsi. In the center of Corsi you’ll find an I’Cie Kayahara’s Crystal to the left of the road. At the far end of Corsi is an unmarked shopkeeper who buys and sells Phantoma. Finally, pick up the Sexy Swimsuit from the Corsi Merchant near the center of the town, as you’ll need it later in the game.

Mission 3 – The Capture of Togoreth Stronghold

S-Rank Requirements:
Time – 25:00
Phantoma – 90
Casualties – 0

Main Gate

At the bottom of the slope you’ll find two Militesi Coeurls and an Imperial Trooper with a similar group waiting at the top of the slope. Take them all down and then walk into the structure ahead. Inside you’ll need to engage three more Militesi Coeurls and a Commanding Officer. Focus on the Commanding Officer to take him out before you have to deal with the ranged attackers in the windows.

Central Stairwell

In the middle of the next room you’ll find two Magitek Armor units and several Imperial Troopers. There are additional Imperial Troopers lining the walls above the gate to the north, with the Commanding Officer patrolling the wall to the left of the gate. Your first order of business should be to take down the Commanding Officer. Quickly head over to the left wall and toggle through your targets until you lock-on to the Commanding Officer. Finish him off quickly, then clear out the remaining enemies and make your way into the western passage.

West Stairwell

When you hit the middle of the next room you’ll face a difficult challenge. The Channelgate device is blocking the path to the right, locking you inside.  Just after you’ve been locked in, a Golem spawns that has enough attack power to KO any member of your party with a single attack. If you want to be risky, attack the Channelgate immediately to clear a path. If you’d prefer to take the safe route, quickly move to the northern passage and wait for the Channelgate to move away. The Golem moves slowly so you should have plenty of time to wait for the Channelgate to clear while still avoiding the enemy. When the path is clear, head through the northern exit.

North Gate

In the center of this area you’ll find a Warrior Commanding Officer and a few Imperial Troopers. Take them down then continue through the southern passage to reach the inner corridor. Two more Imperial Troopers are waiting in the center of the hall with more surrounding the upper level. Quickly finish off the two enemies in the middle to spawn more Warriors. It’s best to use a character with a ranged attack to take down the Warriors. You’ll have a Killsight opportunity when the Warriors use their shoulder-press attack, so make the most of it by waiting for this opportunity before you attack.

Sample Depository

When you reach the next room, speak to the NPC in the middle to obtain a Summoning Permit and Ifrit. At this point, Demonicorns and Imperial Troopers spawn and attack. Take them down, then make your way into the western passage to reach the Dynamo Access.

Dynamo Access

On the north side of the Dynamo Access you’ll encounter another Channelgate blocking your path, with another one-hit KO Golem patrolling the area. To make things easier on yourself, summon Ifrit since he won’t die to a single attack from the Golem. You’ll lose your current party leader, but this room will be much easier to clear. Summon Ifrit at the top of the stairs, then attack the Channelgate with his Meteor Strike. Stop attacking once the Channelgate reaches one bar of health, then head down to the area below to finish it off with normal attacks.

Central Dynamo (Safe Zone)

Head over to the dynamo and shut it down, which also shuts down the security system within the base. This prevents the Channelgates from spawning Golems and makes your life considerably easier. Once you’ve turned off the dynamo you’ll find a Relic Terminal and Recovery Portal. Save your progress and upgrade your characters if you wish, then head back into the Dynamo room.

At this point, a group of Coeurls and Imperial Troopers will swarm the room, with a Warrior Commanding Officer waiting near the southeast corner. To open the southern path you need to defeat the Commanding Officer. Take down the enemies in the room, but before you leave make you way up the stairs to the west and through the door in the southwest corner to reach another safe zone area.

Stronghold Core

You need to head south in order to reach the Central Stairwell, but this room is filled with Imperial Troopers. You can engage them if you wish, or make a run to the south and avoid the battle. Whatever you decide to do, when you reach the next safe zone you can complete the Special Order by going south or simply continue onward through the western passage to reach the West Stairwell again.

West Stairwell

On your way to the West Stairwell you’ll find a bevy of Imperial Troopers. A Mid-Sized Carrier is also waiting for you near the middle of the area. Take down the Troopers and use a character with ranged attacks to make quick work of the Carrier, then continue through the eastern passage to the West Stairwell. When you reach your destination you’ll find more Imperial Troopers and several Warriors. Keep yourself busy until the Warrior Commanding Officer appears, then take him down to proceed to the next area.

South Concourse

When you reach the South Concourse you’ll find a lovely assortment of Coeurls and a Mid-Sized Carrier waiting for you. Of course, you can’t have a party without some Imperial Troopers, so they’re also present. A Supersoldier Commanding Officer will also appear once you’ve downed a few of the Imperial Troopers, so be prepared for that. If you want to make this quick and painless, focus on the Commanding Officer as soon as he appears. He’s the only enemy you need to defeat in order to exit the room.

East Stairwell

Ignore the Imperial Soldiers here and make your way across the room to engage the Warrior Commanding Officer. Take him down as quickly as you can and inspect the newly surrendered soldiers to find an item (assuming you completed the requirements for this Special Order). Once that’s done, go down the northwestern passage to hit the North Stairwell.

North Stairwell

As you may have guessed, a group of Imperial Troopers are waiting for you in this room. There’s also a Magitek Armor in the middle of the room, alongside Commander Schmitz. Focus on the Magiek Armor first to make the Commander run for the hills. With his buffs out of the picture, this room becomes much easier to deal with. Once the room is cleared out, make your way to the top of the stairs to reach the next room.

Upper Corridor (Safe Zone)

Save your progress at the Recovery Portal and be prepared for the base commander, located in the adjacent room. You’re going to want to have a character with ranged attacks in your party, specifically lightning-based magic spells. While Trey has likely been your go-to ranged character of choice up until this point, he’s not good for the upcoming battle because he’s simply not fast enough. Once you’re ready for move on, head into the next room.

Imperial Command

Follow the path toward the conference room, where yet another group of Imperial Troopers create a welcome wagon for you. Once you reach the conference room you’ll have to deal with even more Troopers, plus a Commanding Officer and a Supersoldier. Ignore the Commanding Officer for now and focus your attention toward the Supersoldier and Imperial Troopers. Take cover behind the hallway that leads into the conference room as you engage the enemies. A ranged character is best for this assault.

With the other enemies down, it’s time to engage the Commanding Officer. The best way to defeat the Commanding Officer is by using a melee character and moving around a lot. He counterattacks often, but he does have a pattern. Once you have the pattern down you’ll be able to attack a few times, then dodge away to avoid a counter attack. With the Commanding Officer down, all that’s left is the boss battle.

Boss Battle: General Qator Bashtar

As previously mentioned, you’re going to want to use a ranged attacker (other than Trey) equipped with lightning magic when you face off against General Qator Bashtar. The boss is very fast, which makes it difficult to engage him using a melee character. This boss moves around a lot, which you can actually use to your advantage. While he’s moving around the room, he won’t attack. He stops moving every time he attacks, so pay close attention to his movements. As soon as he stops moving, be prepared to dodge the coming attack.

Attack relentlessly with your ranged character until General Qator Bashtar stops moving. At that point dodge as quickly as you can, then repeat the process again. When Bashtar lowers himself closer to the ground, be ready for a shoulder-press attack. This will be followed by a Breaksight opportunity. Make sure to take advantage of this to stun the General for a short time, allowing you to inflict considerable damage.

When it begins to rain, your lightning attacks will be a boost in power (while your fire attacks will lose power). If you can stun General Qator Bashtar a few times, you should be able to finish him off without much effort. Defeat the General to complete the mission and obtain Shiva to go along with Ifrit.

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