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Far: Lone Sails Walkthrough – The Workshop

by Josh Hawkins

After the start of your journey through our Far: Lone Sails walkthrough, you’ll enter the area known as The Workshop. Having kicked off your journey, the only way now is forward. This portion of our Far: Lone Sails walkthrough will focus on the second part of Far: Lone Sails, and here you’ll learn how to add new items to your ship, as well as how to repair broken or damage items.

First Repairs

Having survived your first storm, you arrive at an old dilapidated building with several bits of damage to your ship. This is where you’ll get the second major upgrade for your ship—the repair system. Hop up the elevator and make your way up the stairs. Take the barrel here and place it back inside your ship. Make sure to grab a crate before you head back up, though. As you’ll need fuel for a generator inside this building.

Make your way back up the stairs and into the building. Inside you’ll find the generator. Drop the crate on the door and then activate it with the button on top. Continue past it and you should see the repair unit hanging from a pulley system above you. The generator will cause it to drop. Wait until it comes into range and then jump and grab the red ring. This will grab the repair tool. Use it to fix the button on the platform.

Grab the barrel beneath you, then hop onto the button and wait for the repair unit to be lowered into your ship. Once it is in place, hop down into the ship and place the barrel in your fuel area. Now it’s time to start repairing everything. All you need to do to repair your ship is grab the repair tool and then hold it next to the items that you want to repair. Make sure you go ahead and repair everything here, and then kick the engine off and get back on the move.

The Musical Tower

The next obstacle you run into is a massive gate that’s held up close to a tall tower with several speakers on it. You should spot an elevator in front of your ship—on top of the gate. Hop into it and ride it up to the top. Once here, climb up and into the main room where you’ll find two buttons on the ground. Activate the buttons until the hang on the meter for the radio is in the middle—on the red mark. This should activate everything around you.

Head back down the elevator and hop into your ship to continue on.

The Workshop

Continue your journey until you come to a massive wall blocking your way. Position your ship on the two wooden floorboards on the path, then head out and through the open door on the bottom of the wall. This will lead you behind the wall, where you should spot a set of stairs. Take the stairs up and activate the button to lift up your ship and cause the elevator to rise up. Ride it to the top, then hop out and head into the next area. This is where you’ll unlock a new upgrade for your ship.

Make your way to the back of the ship and connect the rope from the back to the red hook on the small pulley with the button. Then, head to the front of the ship and pull out this rope as well. Pull it along to move the ship, pulling the pulley with it. Keep pulling until you can’t pull anymore. You may also need to get into the ship and activate the main engine. Once the pulley comes to a complete stop, step on the button to install the vacuum tool, which will automatically suck up fuel items for you, which means you won’t need to stop as much along the way.

Watch out for propane tanks marked with a flame when using the vacuum. Putting these items in your fuel area will cause an explosion and damage the engine. Try not to pick them up or toss them out as quickly as possible when you do pick them up.

With the vacuum tool installed, hop back into your ship and start the engine. This will send you forward, leaving the workshop behind.

The Windmill

Your next obstacle comes after you traverse The Blue Isles. You’ll come to a stop inside of a massive windmill. You need to unblock the door here. Position the ship directly against the door and then hop on the elevator and ride it up to the top. Hop onto the sails and climb up the path that leads to the top. There’s a button on the right here that will activate everything, so hit it and then get ready to run.

Cross the gear and hop inside of the hamster-wheel like area. Press the button in the center to close the wheel off, and then start running. This will unblock the door, allowing your ship to roll onward without you. Keep running until the gear slams into place and then position the wheel so you can get out.

Take off running and make your way down the windmill and out through the open door. Keep running, as the tornado in the back is not just for looks. Get back to your ship as quickly as possible, and then activate it and take off before the tornado can catch up to you.

Ship Graveyard

Keep pressing forward until your journey comes to a halt at the massive carcass of an old ship. Position the ship inside of the back and then take the elevator to the top and hop through the opening. Follow it to the right and you should find a button. Activate the button to open the door, letting your ship roll forward. Wait for the door in your path to open, and then continue onward—pushing the crate along the way.

Wait for the ship to collide with the end of the ship, which will open up the way for you to drop backdown onto your ship.Drop down and activate the engine. Go ahead and get a little speed up so you can break through the debris at the end. Keep pressing forward, careful to manage your fuel and steam levels.

After a few moments of travel your ship will get stuck in the water. You’ll need to head out of the front and grab the rope on the front of your ship. Carry it up to the red hook and then make your way back to your ship. Look for the little red button at the front and then hold it down to pull the ship forward and up the hill. Once the pulley breaks off from the hook, activate the engine and continue onward.

The Half-Gate

A few short moments later, your journey is once more brought to a halt. Hop out of your ship and head through the door on the gate. Keep moving forward, over the pipes, until you reach a generator. Grab the crate nearby and activate the generator. This will trigger an elevator. Hop inside of it and then ride it back towards the gate. This will unlock the gate.

Hope back in your ship and continue forward to the next portion of our Far: Lone Sails walkthrough, or head back to our Far: Lone Sails guide hub to see all of the content we’ve written for Far: Lone Sails.

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