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Far: Lone Sails Walkthrough – The Broken Elevator

by Josh Hawkins

The third part of our Far: Lone Sails walkthrough covers the Broken Elevator section. Having traversed the pipes, survived your first storm, and upgraded your ship, your journey is going quite well in Far: Lone Sails. Here we’ll continue the journey and upgrade the wheels on the ship in order to make things run smoother in the next part of our Far: Lone Sails walkthrough.

Breaking Through

Hop back in your ship after making it through the half-gate, and then activate the engine. You’ve got quite a few pipes to break through here, so keep your speed up so that you don’t come to a stop at any point. Just keep pressing forward through this scene and after a few moments you’ll find yourself at another stop, aboard a makeshift ferry.

In order to get the ferry moving, ride the elevator to the top of your ship and activate the button on the right to move the small hamster-wheel paddle system to the water. Now, hop inside, activate the door, and start running to the right. This will cause the ferry to move forward across the water. It isn’t a long ride, so don’t get too comfortable. Once the ramp drops, hop back in your ship and take off.

Upgrading Your Wheels

Ride under the metal husks until you reach another stop. This is where you’ll get new wheels for your ship. Ride into the pipe at the end, which will lock the ship into place. Ride the elevator up to the top, hop over the pipe, and then ride the elevator up to the top.

This next part is pretty simple. All you need to do is press the buttons to make the gears move. Activate the button in the middle of the central room to raise the ship, then use the buttons on top to lower and move the drill machines in and out. Take off the old wheels, and then replace the new wheels. Once the new wheels are in place, head through the door to the left and ride the elevator back down. Your ship will lower and you can continue on your way.

After a short few minutes of riding, you’ll reach another ferry. This one is missing its motor, though. Instead, head to the top of your ship and raise your sails. The wind will catch, and you’ll be propelled forward. Ride it to the end, then keep going forward once the ramp drops. The wind keeps up for a bit, so you’ll be able to save some of your energy if you want to just sit back and enjoy the scenery.

The Second Storm

Several minutes will pass on your journey before you run into the next issue. A second storm appears out of nowhere. Now that you have the repair unit, make sure to stop underneath the various pieces of shelter to keep your ship up and running. Repair your engine and sails, and then continue on your way. You may need to stop a few times, though you can also keep the repair unit on the various pieces of your ship as you go, in order to keep repairing them nonstop.

Ride to the end of the storm, where you’ll hit yet another gate blocking your way. Head over the gate and then use a small elevator in front of the raised ramp to reach the lower sections of this area.

Hop onto the minecart here and press the button to activate the flames. Now, hop up the stairs to the right and pull the red cord to drop the molten rock into the presser. Wait for it to lower, then activate the presser to create a new gear. Push the minecart along the rails to the end, then hop onto it and jump onto the next area. Drop the gear into the broken spot, and the entire system will reactivate. Grab the barrel, drop it into the generator up the elevator, then ride it out to the top.

Now, head back across the bridge and over the ramp. The gate will open now, so hop back in your ship and propel it forward onto the elevator. Once it reaches the two wooden floorboards, the elevator will activate, and your ship will rise up to the next level, where it can continue onwards.

The Broken elevator

Continue on your way until you reach an elevator that breaks and lowers your ship. This is one of the more challenging sections of the game. Activate the engine on your ship to push the broken railcart out of the way, raising the elevator up. Now, grab the fire hose on your ship and use it to turn the gear on the left. This will open up the door on the bottom, allowing you to pass through.

Head through the door, up the stairs, and activate the button. This will raise the elevator some more. Wait for it to rise, the door will open, and you can head through it. Make your way across to the area on the right. Grab the cord on the front of your ship and connect it to the red hook. Now, activate the button and pull the piece forward, causing it to drop and raise the elevator back to the main level. The wind has died down at this point, so drop your sails and activate the engine to move forward and continue on your way.

Following the railway forward, through the snow, and onward until you come to another area where your ship is once more ground to a halt. Head to the front of the ship and connect the cord to the red hook. Now, head to the top and drop down onto the pulley cart in front of the ship.

There’s a small lever platform here that you can jump on to move the pulley cart forward, pulling the ship down with you. Jump on the platform until you reach a dead end. Hop off the cart and walk under it. There’s a button here that will lower the block on the track, allowing the pulley cart to travel on and out of the way. Hop back into your ship and activate the engine to move forward.

Now all that’s left to do is keep moving forward until you reach the back of a massive mechanical ship. Pull your ship underneath it and onto the wooden floorboard. Activate the button at the front to raise your ship into the mechanical beast, bringing you to the next part of your journey.

Grab the cord on the back of your ship, then pull the ship back until it gives you access to the walkway at the top of the area. Now, continue on to the final part of our Far: Lone Sails walkthrough to see how to complete your journey. Or head back to our Far: Lone Sails guide for more strategy content and information.

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