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Fallout 4: Jewel of the Commonwealth – Go to Diamond City, Speak to Nat and Ellie Perkins

by Prima Games Staff

Now it’s time to move on to Jewel of the Commonwealth, the third story mission in Fallout 4. This involves going to Diamond City to advance the plot, and traveling to this location is somewhat dangerous. If you explored a bit you may have the option to Fast Travel to cut down on time and interactions with enemies. 

Go to Diamond City 

Wandering around the wasteland can be hazardous to your health, so it’s a good idea to bring your faithful canine companion, Dogmeat, along for the trip. Command him to attack enemies (Raiders mostly) while you pick them off from a relatively safe distance. 

After reaching Diamond City, walk to the front gate and speak to Piper, who wants you to help her trick the guard.  Agree and you’ll quickly gain access to the city. Turns out it was inspired by the real Fenway Park in Boston where the Red Sox play.

Find Information about Shaun 

To complete this objective, explore the Diamond City market and speak to the different vendors, who provide information beyond Shaun’s whereabouts. We suggest asking as many questions as possible to keep conversations going. 

Make a point to speak to Piper’s little sister, Nat, who is close to the gate. During our play through, we found her on the left area of the market selling newspapers. Inquire about the Institute, chat about Shaun and the Synths. Depending on how the conversation goes you may be able to ask about someone helping, which ends the current objective. 

If you choose to explore this area, avoid going into places with red text beside them or steal items of this color. Do either (and get caught) and the Diamond City community won’t respond kindly. Worst case scenario, do a quick save in case something goes foul. 

Go to Valentine’s Detective Agency 

Per the conversation with Nat, proceed to the next waypoint, Valentine’s Detective Agency. If for some reason you don’t know where it is, chatting with vendors eventually puts this objective marker on the screen. Worst case, access your Pip-Boy and check Data to make sure the game is tracking the Jewel of the Commonwealth quest.

Now go into this detective agency to meet Valentine’s secretary, Ellie Perkins. The person you seek is missing in action, so keep talking to Ellie by asking questions. When prompted, tell Ellie you will go in search of Nick Valentine. This ends the Jewel of the Commonwealth quest. 

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