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The Evil Within Chapter 6: Losing Grip on Ourselves – Sniper Rifle, Freeze Bolt, Boss Fight

by Prima Games Staff

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When the mission begins you’ll find yourself on the side of a mountain. Follow the only path that you really can, stopping to loot some side areas if you desire. When you reach a large wooden door you’ll trigger a cut scene that finds you reunited with Joseph.

When the scene ends you’ll be required to hold off some random creatures while Joseph works on the door. It’s really not that hard to pull off, just use the explosive barrels nearby to take out clusters of freaks. Being the first wave of the chapter, this should be a breeze.

Once you’re through the door you’ll find the Freeze Bolt sitting on the floor after you drop down. Snag it and then follow Joseph a little bit further, finding yourself in another room with two exploding barrels. That can only mean one thing.

This time the enemies come from all directions. If you have a melee weapon, try to take out lone foes without expending ammunition, but when you see a cluster you’ll want to use the barrels. There are some rather tough adversaries up ahead, so best to stick to the Handgun and Shotgun for now.

When you make your way out of that room and sit through the following cut scene, you’ll have a loose objective that requires you to get to the tower. You’ll also find a case in front of you that contains the Sniper Rifle. You really don’t want to forget this.

The area you’re in looks like the ruins of an old castle. You’ll need to fight your way to the tower, and there are multiple ways that you can do just that. As you get close, however, you’ll start to get bombarded from above by many arrows. This is your cue to whip out your Sniper Rifle and start nailing some headshots. When the last of the arrow slingers are down, you’ll be able to progress forward a little bit more.

Tip: You’re going to have to fight your way through several standard foes on your journey through the ruins, and you’ll come across several levers next to doors. You can pull them, but you’ll have to battle a few bad guys for your trouble. Inside those rooms you’ll typically find some loot, though. The choice is yours if you want to open them or not.

Once it looks like you have a straight shot to the tower you’ll be faced with another chainsaw wielding psycho. It’s pretty standard stuff at this point. Make use of the explosive barrels for major damage, and if you really need to try the Explosive Bolt from your Agony Crossbow. As a last resort, hit this guy with Shotgun and Handgun rounds until he falls.

With that miniature boss fight victory it’s time for you to get back to following Joseph. He’ll lead you inside and up some stairs to the elevator. You can set the body on fire to remove it, or you can visit the nearby door to save your game and purchase some upgrades. You might want to go with the door first, returning and stepping into the elevator when you feel as if you’re ready to continue.

After completing your elevator ride, start making your way across the stone bridge until you’re once again interrupted by a cut scene. At its conclusion you’ll want to run to the edge of the wooden dock, zoom in with your scope, and shoot the two freaks who are messing with Joseph. With them down, he’ll pass you a ladder that you can use to join him on the opposite side.

Following another cut scene it’ll be back to defending Joseph while he works to open a door. We struggled just a bit more with this part due to the fact we were low on ammunition. Your best bet is to put your back to the door and keep taking out the lead creature. Again, it’s best to avoid using any of your explosive weapons if possible. You’re going to need them in a moment.

When Joseph finally does get the door open you’ll want to quickly pass through to an area that he refers to as a market. Spend a few minutes smashing every box you can find and looting up, then make your way up the stairs to trigger another cut scene.

When the scene ends get back to the main path and keep moving. Joseph will eventually climb a ladder to cover you with a Sniper Rifle of his own, which is your cue to start making your way through the enemies that line the only route you have available. First up, take out the sniper that has you pinned down. He’s a pain in the butt, and Joseph isn’t a huge help with this one.

Tip: The following section can be very tough. When you start doing battle with the two huge guys, don’t be afraid to run away and let Joseph put some work in with the Sniper Rifle. Enough shots from him will take these guys out.

Make your way through the double iron gate, moving along the winding path and picking up any supplies that you find laying around. When you finally meet the first of two bosses that resemble Chunk from the Goonies, get ready to start using up those Explosive Bolts and Grenades.

Use your big weapons first, aiming for the body to make sure your shots aren’t wasted. When you get down to just your Handgun, Shotgun and Sniper Rifle, go for the head. Keep moving around and picking up supplies, and when the first guy drops to his knees, finish him off with a bullet to the back of the skull.

For the second boss, do as we mentioned in the tip and let Joseph do some work. Just stay away from this guy and your partner will hit him with some rounds. In fact, he can be killed this way, but feel free to jump in with whatever tools of destruction you still have at your disposal.

When there are no more Chunk wannabes to deal with, a cut scene will deliver you to a disturbing looking basement area. Move forward into a room with some numbers on the wall and some levers. In order to pass through the gate up ahead you must pull the correct levers, which just so happen to be the 9 and 5. Once you do this, continue through the castle like corridor.

When you arrive at the next area a giant bird cage looking device will emerge from what we hope is water, and as you might have guessed, Detective Sebastian Castellanos (that’s you) is getting in it. It’s a short trip, and when it’s over there’s nothing to do but loot and move, eventually coming yet another locked gate. Sounds like a job for Joseph.

This time, however, Joseph kind of drops the ball, and the result is what looks like a dog, but is nothing short of our worst nightmare. The good news is, this… thing falls easily enough, but it’s quite mobile and difficult to hit. Your primary focus should be on avoiding its attacks, and if you have a Grenade or six, try throwing them into the bushes where the “dog” hides.

After you finally finish this beast off, a cut scene will deliver you and Joseph to the opposite side of the fence. There’s just one problem… Joseph dropped his Glasses, and you have to go back to get them. As you might expect, there’s also a second beast to mess with.

Like a good friend, head back into the battle zone and face yet another warped version of an oversized puppy. The good news is you don’t have to kill this one. Just hold it off long enough to reach the Glasses, then make your way toward Joseph, who is admirably trying to distract your attacker.

When you finally escape the second creature of death, make your way up the big steps and into the nearby church. Look around as best you can, but eventually you’ll trigger what turns out to be the chapter ending cut scene.

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