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The Evil Within Chapter 5: Inner Recesses – Keycard, Control Panel, Spider Lady

by Prima Games Staff

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The chapter will kick off in a long corridor with several doors on the left and right sides. Be sure to check them all, grabbing the Green Gel, Matches and ammunition as you go. When you return to the corridor you might be faced with an invisible creature. A trick to killing these is to look for them to move objects or step in water. When you have your foe’s location pinned, knock him down with a blast from your Shotgun and burn the body.

When all the loot is picked up and there are no evil doers left to speak of, make your way to the one at the far end of the hallway, passing through the bathroom and into a room with a hole in the floor. Detective Sebastian Castellanos (you) will comment that it looks like he has to go down, so we’ll take his advice and do just that.

Tip: Prior to the beginning of the chapter you may have been guided to a series of lockers by the nice lady at the reception desk. These lockers are opened with keys, and keys can often be found in the statues that are strewn about the levels. In this case, when you drop through the floor you’ll want to melee the rat and grab yourself another key for future use.

With key in hand, crawl under the half boarded up door and take note of the one in front of you and the other on the right. The one in front of you requires a Keycard, and the one the right will lead you to a series of rooms that will eventually reveal a dead body that is in possession of said Keycard.

As you make your way through the series of rooms in search of the card, be on the lookout for more of those jerk-faced invisible creatures. Remember to put water and objects between you and them, then hit them with the Shotgun when you feel good about knowing their location. Avoid using the Handgun here, the Shotgun’s spread makes it the ideal tool for the job.

Tip: Don’t forget to loot each room you pass through. We might not always tell you about each individual box of Matches or Shotgun shells, but you absolutely want to picking them up on your travels.

When you finally find the body laying near an overturned table, snatch up the Hospital Keycard and backtrack all the way to the locked door. Head through it and follow the darkened hallway in the only direction you can, then go down the stairs until you find yourself locked in a room with no doors and no windows. This is probably cause for some concern.

After enough time in that room you’ll eventually see three holes in the wall. Each time you look through one it will reveal a door to the right of the hole. Go through the door and loot the room, then press the right button to activate the spikes. The left one will kill you. Exit the room and repeat this process for all three holes and doors. When you’re done, you should see a large blood stain on the wall in the main room, and approaching it will reveal another door that you can go through. Although we aren’t 100 percent sure, we didn’t notice a difference between pressing either the left or right button in each of the three rooms. It might have just been the developers playing with our minds, in which case… well done.

Once you make your way out of that unfortunate room, pass through the next hallway to trigger a cut scene with your pal, Joseph. When the scene is over you’ll want to follow the on-screen prompts to heal him, then keep on keeping on. There are a few side rooms to explore here and there, but for the most part you’re just moving in the only direction you can, looting up and killing strange creatures that don’t appreciate your presence.

Your next item of interest will be a door with three bombs wired to it, located at the bottom of a set of stairs. Your buddy, Joseph, will handle the bombs, and when you go through into the next room a cut scene will take over.

When the cut scene ends you’ll want to climb up the nearby ladder, going through the double doors to progress the story, or the single door to the right to return to the reception area to purchase upgrades and save your game.

No matter what you choose, when you do go through the double doors you’ll spot Julie “Kid” Kidman, who appears to be locked in a box in the middle of a room. You’re in for a decent fight here, so make sure your stocked up on ammo for your guns, as well as Explosive Bolts for your Agony Crossbow. When you’re ready to throw down with some evil adversaries, hop down into the middle of the room and get to business.

Tip: Take out clusters of foes with Explosive Bolts from your Agony Crossbow, and shoot Dynamite carrying enemies to make them drop their payload. No matter which option you’re employing at the time, stay well back to avoid getting hurt or dying.

When the last of the creepy creatures from the final wave are down, Joseph will comment that Kidman needs help. Follow his instructions, then head through the barred door to trace the cable to its origin. You’ll have to fight through several enemies, but it’s really nothing that your Handgun or Shotgun can’t take care of. Just keep knocking them down until you reach the Control Panel, setting to 22 and 5 in order to set Kidman free.

After another short cut scene you’ll need to drop through the floor and squeeze into a crack in the wall. This is another situation with a few side rooms and enemies, but there is really only one right way to go. Do a little exploring and a lot more shooting, but keep moving through the linear level until you find yourself reunited with Joseph and Kidman.

The sequence that you’ll find yourself in now is really just a mixture of cut scenes and scripted events, so after getting sucked through the bloody floor by some disgusting looking hands, make your way through the corridor, being careful not to set off any of the traps.

Tip: Once again, make sure to do a bit of side room exploring. There is a mirror/portal that will take you back to the nice nurse with the save game and upgrade features. Not to give anything away, but now would be an ideal time to backup your progress.

As you make your way along the hallway, use the third-person view to your advantage, peeking at two stationary enemies waiting to ambush you. If you’ve got it, an Explosive Bolt will do quite nicely for this part. Either way, when they are down you’ll want to make your through the next few rooms and corridors until you trigger the (near) chapter ending boss fight.

We’re not sure what to call this creature, but shrieking, crawling, screaming, crazy, spider like lady seems rather appropriate. Arrange those words in whatever order you want and you’re still likely to come up with a reasonable description for this boss.

Back to the business at hand, however.

Once the creature makes its first appearance you’ll want to run back the way you came. You’ll hit a dead end, but you’ll also notice that when the beast follows it takes damage from the fire… this is a clue.

Head back into the room where you first encountered the spider creature of death, looting up and then exiting and taking a left. This will lead you to an area with some stairs, catwalks and even a ladder or two. You’ll also notice explosive barrels. All of these things are key to winning the boss fight.

As soon as you’re attacked, make your way along the catwalks until you spot a ladder that appears to lead to a side shaft. Hop down, then duck into the narrow corridor. When the beast follows, pull the lever on the wall to set it on fire and trap it for a short time. You can repeat this process several times, and eventually you’ll kill the shrieking nightmare lady. As an alternative, you can also lure the creature onto some of the explosive barrels, shooting them with your Shotgun to deal more damage. Whatever you decide to do, make setting this thing on fire your top priority.

When the boss fight is over (congratulations) you’ll catch a glimpse of some double doors. Make your way through them and continue on to trigger a cut scene. When it ends, kill the creatures that have spawned, then approach their bodies and disconnect them from the hive like center. When the last of them has been neutralized you’ll have completed this chapter.

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