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The Evil Within Chapter 3: Claws of the Horde – Chainsaw, Boss Fight, Shotgun

by Prima Games Staff

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As you resume your adventure with Detective Sebastian Castellanos, head up out of the water and make your way along the dock and up the stairs. Take a moment to set some dead bodies on fire, then continue onward until you pass through a door and into a courtyard of sorts.

The door you want is slightly to the right as you enter the area. It’s not the one that’s open with a body hanging upside down, but rather the one after it. Feel free to do some exploring and looting, but when you’re ready, make your way into the building and turn right into the next room. You’ll notice another trap, and this one is slightly more complicated to disarm than the others. Still, follow the on-screen prompts to neutralize the Bomb, then make your way up the stairs.

Tip: Up to this point in the game, there has been ample loot found in almost every area. We may not say it in each paragraph, but don’t forget to stop and look around.

Once you’re in the upstairs area, you’ll want to make your way around the room and through the only door that can be found on the other side. This will trigger a cut scene. When it ends and you’re back in full control, you’ll be working with Dr. Marcelo Jimenez, trying to get the gate open to follow Leslie.

Operate the crank when instructed to do so, then go back in the room where you met Dr. Jimenez and turn to your right. Kick the door open and start looting up in the surrounding rooms. We were attacked, which normally is bad, but in this case it ended up with us acquiring the Grenade. That seems like a fair trade.

When you’re ready, make your way down the nearby stairs and into the area that you just watched Dr. Jimenez acting like a maniac in. Although your objective is straight ahead, there are loads of cool things that you want to pick up before progressing. Rather than try to give you difficult, step-by-step instructions on where to turn and what doors to use, explore everything and here’s what you’ll find.

The two buildings on the left will have lots of generic loot like Green Gel and Parts, and the alley between them holds a Chest that you can get the Explosive Bolt from. Just be careful not to step in the Bear Trap that guards it. If you move on to the second building on your left and go to the top level, you’ll find the Agony Crossbow, a fairly useful item if you want to take advantage of the Explosive Bolt.

On the right side of the road you’ll find a large ladder that leads to a tree house. Make your way up there and grab the Flash Bolt, plus whatever else is laying around, then descend back to the ground level.

The only building on the right side also has two levels, as well as several creatures lurking around looking for trouble. Fully exploring all of its rooms will give you more Green Gel and Parts, but most importantly, you can pick up the Shotgun and Harpoon Bolt. The Shotgun should be on the second floor, while the Harpoon Bolt will be in the wall on the stairs.

When you’re satisfied that you’ve checked every room and picked up each of the items we listed above, make your way back to the road and approach the gate. If you haven’t killed all of the creatures hanging around, now is a good time to do so. When you get close, Castellanos will mention that he needs a chainsaw. Oh joy!

Head back into the building that was on the left, the one that looks like a barn. You’ll know you’re in the right spot when the psychopathic chainsaw guy’s grunting gets louder. Keep moving towards the sound until he breaks through the wall and picks a fight with you.

It’s best not to fight this guy in tight spaces, so head back outside to the main road and prepare to battle. You’ll have to take down all his minion creatures as well, so try to do that first using headshots from your Handgun. When it’s just you and the big dude, go for headshots with your Shotgun, then switch to Explosive Bolts from your Agony Crossbow. When he gets close, side step him and run away, then turn and engage from a distance. Just keep repeating this until he falls dead to the ground and the Chainsaw is yours.

With all of your horrible foes dead, move forward and cut the chain to open the gate. As you go to move, you’ll trigger a cut scene and bring this chapter to an end.

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