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The Evil Within Chapter 2: Remnants – Green Gel, Syringe, Handgun

by Prima Games Staff

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When you re-take control of Castellanos, for the start of the chapter, snag the Bodies Found newspaper article from the Krimson Post off the nearby table, then the Green Gel directly to its left. You’ll find more in the toilet, and although we insist you pick it up, we can’t promise that it isn’t covered in unmentionable fluids.

After being let out of the room, you’ll want to follow the seemingly kind lady to the front desk. Do as she asks and sign in, which turns out to be the in-game mechanic for manually saving your progress.

Once you’ve signed in, it’s time to go through the door on the right and have a seat in the chair. From here, follow the on-screen prompts to upgrade your skills using the Green Gel, then endure a short cut scene that brings you back to the site of where the ambulance crashed.

Move forward a few feet and pick up the Syringe, learning that it will help to restore your health if the situation calls for it, and we assume that it will. The game will also take you through a short tutorial on accessing your inventory and using shortcuts.

Following that short but informational session, make your way through the forest until the game gives you another tutorial, this time showing you how to perform a melee attack. Use this information to smash the nearby box and claim the Green Gel from inside, then continue along until you pick up the lantern, and then a bit further to the edge of small cliff.

Upon reaching the bottom of the small cliff you’ll want to sneak toward Connelly, who is preoccupied with something inside the tent. Snag the Handgun from the ground, then follow the on-screen instructions to shoot your foe in the head. Although it would be nice if one bullet did the trick, it appears that more than one shot is required. In fact, it took us three.

Head back into the tent and melee the box in the corner, then take a moment to pick up any supplies in the area. You should find at least two bottles of Green Gel.

Continue forward and into the cave, following the instructions to whip out your lantern. Take a look around for some more Green Gel, then move along the only path you can until you find Leslie. This will kick off a short cut scene, and when it’s over the game will teach you how to disable traps.

Tip: Melee any destructible boxes that you find laying around the area. While we will sometimes tell you to do this, it would be rather redundant to do so for each one.

Keep moving, sprinting through the cave until it emerges to a grassy area with a dead body. The game will show you how to burn bodies, and this is your cue to do just that. When you’re ready, head down the hill and into the shack that sits on your left. In here, you’ll find more Green Gel, the Journal of Sebastian Castellanos – November 2004, and a mirror that plays a significant role in the game.

Tip: Moving through the mirror will take you back to a cell and the area with the front desk, allowing you to sign-in and save your game, as well as upgrade Detective Castellanos further. When you’re ready, pass back through the mirror to return to the mission at hand.

Exit the shack and turn to your left, continuing down the hill and following the game’s instructions to perform your first Sneak Kill. With your adversary down, enter the shack and climb out the window, tailing Leslie a little further until you trigger a cut scene.

When the cut scene ends, you’ll have two rather disgusting looking foes that require your attention, and there will be a third lurking somewhere around the busted up building nearby. To bypass this area, you can just follow the shore, using a bottle to distract your foes while you carry on. If you want to explore, however, take out the three enemies, then loot the nearby building and pick up the Lakeside Town Note from the rubble. You might also want to visit the dock that overlooks the lake.

Continue along until you see a cart up ahead. There will be at least two psycho-freak things in the area, but luckily there are also a few bottles laying around to distract them with. Again, whether you sneak or fight is up to you, but when you’re done, you’ll want to move forward, staying to the right of the building where another foe is hanging out. In fact, just sneak kill the foe so they won’t be an issue later.

As you try to bypass the building on its right side, you’ll notice several Bear Traps. These can be dismantled like the others, but they’re also useful as a way of limiting the number of directions your enemies can attack you from. This time we’ll neutralize them, but be aware of the numerous enemies ahead and to your left, cautiously making your way forward and to a gate up ahead. When you arrive, follow the on-screen prompts to pass through to the other side.

Tip: While there is a tiny bit of room for exploration, the map is quite linear. If we tell you to keep moving forward and you get a bit lost, head toward torches and fire. They typically point you in the right direction.

As our tip suggested, use the fire for guidance and keep moving through this area. There is a nearby shack that has some supplies in it, but when you’re ready, creep up on and sneak kill your foe by the fire. This will prompt a hoard of creatures to chase you, so hang a left and go over the stone bridge and to the gate. Reaching it will trigger a cut scene and bring about the end of this chapter.

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