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The Evil Within Chapter 15: An Evil Within – Final Boss and Ending

by Prima Games Staff

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When the chapter begins you’ll be back outside the Beacon Mental Hospital, but it looks nothing like it did the first time you visited. Make your way forward and inside, then push on until you climb down a ladder.

The hallways ahead are a bit tricky to navigate, but since there is only one right direction, forward movement will eventually put you where the game wants you to go. Feel free to do some exploring, picking up supplies until you locate and try to follow Leslie. Again, you might take a wrong turn, but if it’s not where you’re supposed to be it’ll end up being a dead end. Because of this, eventually you will end up in the right place.

As it turns out, the right place really doesn’t feel right at all. In fact, it feels wrong… very wrong. Still, in order to put the hurt on Ruvik you’ll need to push forward. Head through a corridor full of prison gates, then up a spiral staircase where you’ll find two closed doors. Explore the first one, but it’s the second one that leads to an elevator and progresses the chapter.

When a short cut scene has run its course, head inside after Leslie and pay a visit to the first door on the left. This will give players a chance to use up some of their Green Gel, which might not be a bad idea given what’s about to go down.

Following a scripted event and short cut scene, Detective Sebastian Castellanos will find himself in a courtyard that is full or horrific enemies and surrounded by giant eye balls. We’re not going to lie, it’s weird.

Strange or not, there are creatures to kill, and the best way to do this is by working your way up the ladders on the right side of the level. Your foes will have to climb the ladders to get to you, and this acts almost like a bottleneck, allowing you to control the flow of evil. If you have lots of Shotgun ammunition, headshots are a great way to thin the numbers.

Tip: You’ll be assaulted by several clusters of enemies here, and nothing breaks up a party like a well placed Grenade. Throw it at the feet of your foes to kill and disable them, then run in and drop one of your Matches to make sure they stay down.

After taking out far more enemies than any one person should, you’ll have to face off in one of the chapter’s many boss fights, this one against the Sadist. You remember him… that guy who had us upside down on a hook all the way back in Chapter 1: An Emergency Call.

Now that everyone is reacquainted, start peppering this jerk with as much firepower as you have. Don’t be afraid to whip out the Harpoon Bolt here, there really aren’t that many more places to use it, and it seems to do quite a bit of damage.

With all that nonsense out of the way it’s on to more of the same. This time the fight is much easier, although the brain like terrain is equally as creepy. Try using your Sniper Rifle to take out the masked bad guys above you, then loot their bodies and kick in the double wooden doors like the maniac that you are.

Forward motion will lead to another boss fight, this one against The Keeper and what we can only assume is his twin brother. Seriously though, can you really call him “The Keeper” (singular) when you have to kill about a dozen of them throughout the game?

Perhaps that’s a question for another day, as right now you need to work on killing these fools. We found that this was most easily accomplished by splitting them up, which can done by manipulating the gates around the side of the room. Basically, let one pass under the gate, then lock the other one out so you can beat up his pal.

Tip: Don’t shoot The Keeper in the head, it’s got a giant box on it. In fact, that’s likely where the nickname Boxhead came from. Instead, go for this guy’s body, hitting him with Sniper Rifle rounds, Shotgun shells, and even a few Explosive Bolts.

After what we can only assume was an intense battle (it was for us), The Keeper twins will be down and you’ll be free to head through the door that magically appears after their demise. Take a moment to gather up some Green Gel, then head through the doors and keep moving forward until you reach a maze of pillars.

The key here is patience. You need to move forward without stepping into any of the spotlights, and this is done by taking your time and studying the predetermined movements of the light. Just keep moving along as carefully as you can. If you get spotted you’ll end up having to do it again, so really it’s not that big of a deal. When you get to the end you’ll be chased by a giant lawnmower looking device, and all you can do at this point is run away from it to find yourself back outside the hospital.

Make your way back into the hospital and board the elevator. When the ride is over you’ll find yourself at the stem of Ruvik’s device. This will trigger an extended cut scene, and when it ends you’ll be on to the final boss fight of the game. It’s time to deal with Ruvik once and for all.

The first part of the fight is all about running forward and dodging the giant claws of the creature Ruvik has become. Stick to the sides as much as possible, running in the only direction you can until a scripted event lands you in control of a Humvee turret.

Now that you’re ready to take the fight to this creep, aim at its hands for the first part, then switch to the brain when the red target disappears. When Ruvik has had enough of your shenanigans, a scripted event will see you tossed aside like a ragdoll, and when you regain control you’ll have found a Rocket Launcher.

Take aim at Ruvik’s head, delivering RPG rounds until you see another red target appear. This is your cue to go for the kill shot, and doing so will interrupt your battle for another cut scene. When this one ends, use your Handgun to shoot Ruvik in the face and end this craziness once and for all.

That’s it for The Evil Within. Enjoy the game ending cut scene.

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