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The Evil Within Chapter 12: The Ride – Hemostatic, Kidman, Joseph

by Prima Games Staff

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When the chapter begins and players have full control they’ll be battling a giant spider. You could call it a boss fight, and it likely is, but it’s also not overly hard to win. While we don’t claim to know its weak spots for sure, we had a great deal of success focusing on the beast’s head.

Start off with your Sniper Rifle, but don’t be afraid to switch up to your Magnum. In this case, it’s likely somewhat easier to aim. We also used a few random bolts for the Agony Crossbow, and even tossed a Grenade its way for good measure. The point is, hit this creature with everything you’ve got.

After a short battle, Detective Castellanos, Julie Kidman and Joseph will find themselves blocked in by some rubble, and not long after a group of creatures will attack elevated positions surrounding the bus. Go with headshots from your Handgun, but also don’t be stingy with the Magnum and Sniper Rifle. Focus first on enemies that are boarding the bus, but quickly take out any foes that try to toss Grenades or Dynamite your way. When the last of the evil doers are down, it’s time to get back on the open road.

Tip: The beast will release slug like enemies that are more annoying than anything. Even if these things get to you, they aren’t hard to kill, but try to take them out with your Shotgun before that happens.

Almost as if it was scripted, as soon as the busted up bus starts rolling again the beast will attack. There’s nothing new here, just keep drilling it with whatever firepower you have, focusing on its head, and even maybe it’s belly for good measure. It really doesn’t matter what you go with, after you deal enough damage it will be on to the next part of the chapter.

A cut scene will put an end to that boss fight, and when it’s over you’ll need to make your way through a maze of abandoned vehicles to find a Hemostatic for Joseph. There are a lot of dangerous creatures between you and your objective, but it’s not anything you aren’t used to dealing with by now.

Start making your way forward, utilizing your Handgun to shoot explosive barrels and set your enemies on fire. If you see a cluster of them, toss a Grenade into the pile, or hit the area with a Freeze Bolt before finishing them off with some melee work. After a short trip, climb inside the ambulance and pick up the Hemostatic from the back.

Now for the fun part – making your way back to Kidman and Joseph. To do this, head in the only direction that you can until you find yourself in front of the Humvee and turret. Climb into the back and take control of the turret, then waste any foes that dare challenge your dominant firepower. When you’re satisfied that you’ve slaughtered enough of them, sprint back to the bus to trigger a chapter ending cut scene.

Tip: You can just run past the enemies and back to the bus. You only have to continue to kill them if you’re getting some type of therapeutic benefit from it.

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