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Dying Light Mission 9: Higher Education – Zombie Camouflage

by Prima Games Staff

Talk to Jade at the University

It’s another start here and go there objective, but this time out players can learn a cool trick along the way. There is big open square that’s full of zombies that sits directly in the path to the waypoint, and even free running through there would be dangerous. Kill a lone zombie on the rooftops, then choose the option to use their guts as camouflage. This will allow Mr. Crane to walk among the dead as he’s completing the task at hand. When he’s reached the top and entered the university it will be on to the next objective.

Tip: The camouflage doesn’t last forever, so use it to get through tough section of the map and then return to the safety of the rooftops. We pushed our luck and paid the price.

Leave the University | View the Transmission

This part was actually split up into two objectives, but the first wasn’t worth a walkthrough. Just leave the building to complete it. Once players get outside, however, they’ll need to head back to the towers and view the transmission that Troy captured.

This will wrap up another short mission, but never fear, tough times lie ahead. Feel free to return to the Dying Light walkthrough we’ve crafted, or jump right into the next quest with Mission 10: Public Faces.

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