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Dying Light Mission 8: Find the Embers – Meeting Troy

by Prima Games Staff

Ask Troy to Help You Find Jade

This will be a wonderful break from the grind that has taken place over some very long missions in the last little while. There’s still danger here, but the high buildings make it fairly simple to avoid. Our advice would be to focus on side activities such as Safe Houses if players are looking to get things started right with Sector 0. There is just no telling when everything will go sideways, and a secured Safe House is exactly what Kyle Crane needs.

Tip: Players can earn the This is Harraaaaan trophy/achievement by kicking 100 enemies off of rooftops, and this area of the world offers many great opportunities to do just that. It might be a bit tedious to try and get them all in one run, but take advantage of lone zombies standing on tall structures to ease the grind.

Regardless of whether players opt to make the trip straight to Troy, or stop and do some extra things that could pay off in the future, the waypoint will be the guide once again. Head for the two towers off in the distance, then use the scaffolding to ascend to the very top. It’s there that a cut scene will bring this very short story mission to a close. Feel free to return to our free Dying Light walkthrough, or get right back out there and continue with Mission 9: Higher Education.

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