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Dying Light Mission 7: The Saviors – Locate Sector 0

by Prima Games Staff

Locate the People Who Can Take You to Sector 0

Players will want to gather up their belongings before heading out, at which point they’ll notice a very exciting new addition… Guns! Lots of guns, in fact. That’s handy because it just so happens there’s a Goon and some low level zombies across the water. They can be bypassed, but testing out the firepower is also a decent option.

Regardless of whether fight or flight is chosen, the trip to the far away waypoint is inevitable, and really doesn’t require our help. Just keep moving in the direction of the objective, stopping to secure any overrun Safe Zones or completing any side quests. Oh, and as fun as guns are, keep in mind that the noise they make attracts unwanted attention. It’s very easy to go from shooting one zombie in the head to dealing with 20.

Find the Tunnel Leading Out of the Slums

After chatting with Cenk it will be time to head for the tunnels. We ended up bumping into night while we made our way there and decided to hit up a Safe Zone until morning. Players will have to make their own decisions based on time of day and game play preference, but either way the trip is fairly simple. The only challenging part will be navigating to the top of the bridge, but once again patience and planning will make this task less complicated.

Follow the Marked Path to Sector 0

We skipped a couple of objectives that included meeting the Smuggler and following him through the sewers, but really that wasn’t even worth the virtual ink it would have taken to write about it.

Jump into the sewers and start swimming to the east. While Crane’s practicing his breast stroke, maybe someone can fill us in on why video games always have dead bodies under water? It’s creepy, which we assume is the answer to our question.

When players emerge from below the surface they’ll notice a yellow pipe on the left side of the room. Climb up this and to the platform, then jump across to the opposite side. This will lead to a four way intersection of sewage pipes, and the one that gets Crane to his objective is to the east. Head in and drop down to trigger a short radio conversation with Hazan. The ultimate goal is to turn a wheel at the end of a ravine filled with zombies.

Tip: When approaching the ravine it would be wise to stick to the catwalks, although this can be difficult. Find a good spot up there and use a gun to take out the zombies. Hip firing is actually easier than aiming down sight.

After reaching a section with a Toad players will want to climb up the yellow pipes to progress to the next area, which is really just more of the same. Follow the only available path to complete the task.

Survive the Ambush

Well this is unfortunate. Turns out that Hazan is not the stand up gentleman we assumed. Remind us to shoot him in  the femur if we ever see him again.

Since it kind of does… swim as if Crane’s life depended on it, then start taking the fight to Rais’ thugs. Players will definitely have use of their guns for this one, and headshots on humans (so far) are one hit kills. Take the time to line up critical hits and cut these fools down with precision violence.

Find Your Way to Sector Zero

Continue working through the maze of sewers and tunnels until emerging in a courtyard with more of thugs under the command of Rais. There’s only four, so try to hit one with a headshot to immediately up the odds of success. The remaining three are pretty good shots, but timing and bullets to the dome will see players to victory during this encounter.

It’s smooth sailing from that point forward. Take some time to loot the area, then move to the objective marker to trigger the mission ending cut scene. Feel free to return to our Dying Light walkthrough, or continue the journey with Mission 8: Find the Embers.

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