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Dying Light Mission 6: The Pit – Demolisher Boss Fight

by Prima Games Staff

Defend Dr. Zere and His Lab

This mission begins immediately following the cut scene with Brecken, plus there is a timer to worry about for the current objective. Get down to Dr. Zere’s lab and start defending it from Rais’ thugs. This can be very difficult when trying to take on all four at once, so perhaps try and score an easy kill on one that isn’t looking. From there, think about getting on top of the trailer that was previously Zere’s lab. Rais’ men will climb up to get at Crane, but from here he can either kick them off the top or use the Grapple Power skill to throw them off.

Tip: As mentioned, Grapple is incredible for this part, and all fights against other humans. It will allow players to toss enemies to the ground, then attack them when they’re vulnerable.

Find Dr. Zere | Rescue Zere

This fight took place at night for us, and it’s clear that the game wants players to have to find Zere while avoiding all the Virals and Volatiles. Instead, head back to the Tower and go to sleep. If that’s not an option, putter around and visit the vendors, wasting time until morning. This isn’t a timed objective, and this mission is hard enough without having to walk around in the dark. When morning arrives, head over to Rais’ compound to complete the objective.

Check the Back of the Garrison

Move to the north side of the building and climb up on a van. This allows Crane to jump onto some balconies, then slowly work his way up. Players can tell where to jump by the yellow railings that line the path.

Part way up gamers will have to shift around the side of the building to balconies that overlook the center courtyard. There’s really only one path that we found would work, so keep moving from balcony to balcony, looking for opportunities to climb further up. When reaching a balcony that doesn’t look like it offers a path forward, turn around and look up, there should be another option above and back in the direction that players came from.

Find the Entrance into the Building

There are a couple of guards on the roof, but nothing that can’t be taken care of fairly easily. For the most part they are isolated from one another, making sneak attacks much easier. Clear the roof and look inside one of the doorways for a floor hatch that allows entry into the building.

Tip: For players on their first play through it’s unlikely that the Takedown Power skill would be available, but if it is make sure to equip it. This makes killing humans much easier than melee combat. If it’s not an option, however, Grapple is a good back up plan from the Agility skill set. Anything that can throw Crane’s enemies off balance or take away their ability to fight is the way to go.

Look for Dr. Zere

This is one of the more challenging parts of the mission, although some might argue that a harder test will follow.

Start out by chatting with the GRE for a moment, then snag the Military Throwing Knives from nearby. Players will need to descend the elevator shaft and emerge on a lower floor, then go about stealth killing as many of the guards as possible. This is made somewhat easier by the fact they show up on the mini map, allowing for their patrol habits to be studied. If a guard isn’t looking, try for a head shot using a ranged weapon.

Of course, things don’t always go as planned, meaning Crane could get caught and have to fight more than one target at the same time. If this happens, try to funnel the enemy through single person doors, thus forcing them to attack one at a time. The last thing that anybody needs is targets in front of and behind them.

Tip: There’s lots of loot around here, so try to grab as much as possible during the brief breaks between combat.

Work through the guards while making an attempt to check each room for loot. Players need to go down another level, and no matter how bad things went sideways before there will be a lone guard hanging out. Kill him and then visit the security office to get a gun… or seven.

Get to the Underground Parking Garage

With weapon in hand, start working down the stairs and through the hoards of gunmen. Go for headshots, then loot the bodies to get more ammunition to shoot more people in the head. It’s a beautiful cycle of headshots and resupplying. Just go with it.

There’s no special formula here (besides what we just outlined in the previous paragraph). Continue to move forward, clearing the garage and picking up bullets as they become available. When everybody but Crane is dead, search the final room of the garage to trigger a cut scene.

Survive the Arena | Demolisher Boss Fight

The first step in this portion of the mission will be run around the arena and get as geared as possible. This includes climbing up on top of containers to grab ranged weapons, however we advise that they not be used right now. Keep those suckers in Crane’s back pocket for something far more challenging than a few low level zombies.

With melee weapons in hand, run around the arena and start taking out the undead enemies. This can be simplified by kicking them into anything that has spikes sticking out of it. If done correctly it’s a one hit kill and won’t cause damage to the melee weapon that’s currently equipped.

Tip: See those barrels sitting on top of the containers? Throw them into a pile of zombies, then strike it with a melee weapon. Back away and wait for the explosion. It should clear a few out in one go.

After clearing out all of the regular zombies, get ready for the boss fight against the Demolisher. It’s not an easy one, and it’s even worse with the addition of Virals, the reason that ranged weapons were saved until now. Grab the blade that Rais drops down to start the battle.

Tip: Use ranged weapons to take out any Virals that appear. In fact, don’t bother trying to fight the Demolisher if there are any other enemies around. Players can simply avoid his attacks and then clear the area of secondary threats before focusing on the big dumb lug.

The trick to the Demolisher lies in the Dodge skill that every player should have. This allows Crane to use quick movements to dodge this adversary’s attacks, then deliver strong melee strikes when its back is turned. Ranged weapons and frontal assaults are ineffective and not advised.

That’s the formula for this guy. Clear the room of secondary threats, then dodge his attacks and counter with some melee action. When he falls, clean up any leftover undead and enjoy the cut scene.

Escape the Garrison

First of all… very cool cut scene that we wish was something we had actually done. Secondly, those goons are absolutely terrible shots.

With that out of the way it’s time to run, something that is made easier by the path forward being fairly clear. Crane will get shot at, but as long as players keep moving they should be fine. Just take the most logical path. It’s almost as if someone meant for it to be easy to find.

Report to Brecken

Crane is in some trouble, but it’s nothing that can’t be overcome at this stage in the game. It’s certainly easier to get back to the Tower than it was to fight that Demolisher. Keep moving toward the objective until a cut scene interrupts, then grab Crane’s gear from his bag to end the mission. Feel free to return to our Dying Light walkthrough, or get right back into the fight by continuing to Mission 7: The Saviors.

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