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Dying Light Mission 4: Pact with Rais – Bombers and Toads

by Prima Games Staff

Buy Antizin from Rais

Seems rather silly that someone would destroy an airdrop full of Antizin only to then put themselves in worse danger trying to acquire more, but fine, we’ll play ball.

Take an elevator ride to the ground floor and spend a few moments doing business with the vendors who are hanging out. Players should head outside when ready and prepare for the journey to meet Rais. This means ensuring that all melee weapons are in good order, and that any skill points have been spent. If it’s currently night time, it might be advisable to grab some shut eye before heading out when the sun comes up.

Introduce Yourself to Rais

The trip to talk to Rais is nothing that players haven’t seen before, but it’s important to look for any side activities that can be completed along the way. This includes random encounters as well as securing Safe Zones, the latter of which will serve Kyle Crane well through the remainder of the campaign. After arriving at compound, head inside to meet the infamous Rais.

Get a Task from Karim and Complete It

Before heading in and talking to Karim to get a job, grab the Rusty Round Knife from the table. It’s the one that was used to cut off the dude’s hand. Stash it in Crane’s inventory and then get that job from Karim, or even visit the vendor in the same building if there’s a need.

Contact the GRE

The first order of business is to check in with Crane’s handlers, which means getting to a position of height in order to make the call. Look at the map for a waypoint that leads to a railway bridge, then climb on one of the train cars to have a chat with the GRE.

Tip: At this point in the game players should be keeping their eyes and ears peeled for airdrops, then making their way to those locations. There’s a good chance they’ll be contested, but the contents are very valuable to the Quartermaster at the Tower.

Find a Telecommunication Antenna

As is always the case, the main mission objective should be on the map, but the journey there could be filled with lots of different events. Participate in things of interest, or even rank up Crane’s Power or Agility skills. This mission is long enough as it is, however, so players may want to skip the extras.

Upon arrival at the antenna players will have to deal with another Goon (Mr. Hammer), as well as a new enemy called a Toad. The former is slow but powerful and relies completely on melee attacks. The latter is a ranged enemy who can deal damage from a distance. Take out the Toad first, then go for the Goon.

Turn on the Antenna’s Main Power

This is done by going inside the main building below where the Toad was originally standing. As one might expect, restoring the power would have been difficult with the Goon and Toad roaming about, so it’s a good thing they are out of the picture. All that should be left are the lower level zombies, foes which can easily be distracted with a well placed Firecracker.

Search the Antenna for a Transmitter

A quick look at the map should show a waypoint that is very close, but is above the current ground level position that Crane occupies. Start climbing up the antenna, something that is of mild difficulty only because players will have to find the best route.

Tip: Keep an eye on the objective marker on the screen. If should show above Crane’s location, but players who don’t pay attention can climb too far up the antenna, at which point it will show below. Stop climbing when level with the marker.

Turn on the Transmitter

Upon reaching the Transmitter players will find a lone zombie, something that presents an opportunity for some giggles instead of posing a threat. Kick this fool off the edge and watch it fall, then get back to turning on the Transmitter.

Tip: Take note of the yellow stripes on the antennas, these can help guide players to the top.

Check the Second Antenna

No, players will not need to climb back down, there’s a handy zip line sitting on the southeast side of the antenna that will make reaching the ground much easier. Use it, then head out in the direction of the waypoint on the map.

The problem with this antenna is that it’s surrounded by a working electric fence. The good news is it can be bypassed by climbing up on a rock near the south side, then jumping over and onto the Tower itself. Do all of this, then move on to the next task.

Turn on the Transmitter

Start climbing up the second antenna, once again being careful not to go too far. A pretty good marker for how far players need to climb is the zip line up above, as that will be the way back to the ground once the transmitter is powered on.

Get Payment from Rais

We knew that zip line trick would work, and now players will need to use it to get back to the ground level. Find it on the southwest side of the second antenna, then take a ride and start the long run back to see Rais. Upon arriving there will be another cut scene, and rather than the end of the mission it would seem that Crane’s services are still needed.

Get Directions to the Settlements

Easy enough. Go talk to Karim to get Crane’s next assignment.

Contact the GRE

Head outside and look for a waypoint that indicates a good spot to chat with the GRE. This will most likely be the same train car that was used last time, and that should simplify an already easy objective.

Make Your Pickups

There are several pickups that need to be made, but it’s pretty straightforward stuff. Just head to the locations marked on the map, then follow the smaller objectives to get Rais’ money and complete any tasks that are handed out along the way. This is going to take a bit of time, especially if other tasks or side quests are allowed to be a distraction.

Tip: When players arrive in the tunnel to meet the courier they’ll be introduced to the Bomber enemy, someone who explodes when taking damage or getting excited. This means that melee is a horrible option since the explosion will kill Crane as well. Try ranged attacks, or run close and then quickly run away when they begin to blow.

Return the Payments to the Garrison

After collecting the payment from Morgan players will want to leave the compound (if it’s light out) and start heading back to Rais to claim the Antizin that started all of this. For us it was getting dark, which means it might not be a bad idea to stay in the Safe Zone that Morgan occupies. A solid night’s rest seems more appealing than Virals and Volatiles.

Start out for Rais’ location first thing in the morning, free running over there as fast as possible. Of course, things are never over when they seem, and Karim will soon radio in asking for additional help.

Find the Missing Patrol

Alter Crane’s course just a bit in order to figure out what happened to Rais’ incompetent goons. There is a very manageable search area to deal with, and what players are looking for is in the locked yellow van. The key to that van is on a guard a few feet away. Open it up to find some Grenades and Firecrackers.

As it turns out, the patrol is dead, but there is a Blueprint on one of the bodies that Rais requires. There is also a crazy fool with a gun on top of a gas station. In order to complete the objective, free run to reach the top of the station, then take out the survivalist with up close melee strikes. With that threat now neutralized, steal his gun and drop through the trap door and into the Safe Zone (which is now the property of Kyle Crane). Look for a body closest to the Safe Zone to find the Blueprints that Rais wants, then get back on track to the original objective, taking all this junk back to Rais himself.

Bring the Antizin Back to the Tower

It’s finally time to head back to the Tower, but first a quick conversation with the GRE is in order. This time the tone is a little more hostile, but either way head for safety when it’s over. The Tower is where players will complete the mission (plus deliver any airdrops to the Quartermaster). Feel free to return to our Dying Light walkthrough, or jump back into the action and continue on with Mission 5: Siblings.

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