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Dying Light Mission 2: First Assignment – Mr. Hammer

by Prima Games Staff

Get a Job from Spike

Spike’s location is only a few feet away from where the previous mission ended with Dr. Zere. Head inside and chat with him, which should bring about a bump in Survivor rank, as well as a new skill point for that category. Finish the conversation with Spike, then open the Skills tab of the character screen and spend the Survivor skill point on the Survival Starter Kit, the only thing that can be unlocked as of right now. This will allow Mr. Crane to craft Throwing Stars, Molotovs, Lockpicks and Firecrackers.

Prepare a Trap for Brecken’s Mission

The waypoint for this objective will lead a car not far from the Tower. Approach it and follow Spike’s instructions to arm the trap.

Help Trapped Survivor

Things never go according to plan. Players will need to make a quick detour from their trap setting mission to help save a lone survivor. There’s a new waypoint that can be followed to the surrounded soul’s location, but there are a few zombies roaming around along the way. Either use free running to leave them behind, or practice some combat against small pockets of these infected foes to rank up the Power skill.

Tip: Be sure to search the bodies of dead zombies, and even pop into Survivor Sense to see what can be looted from the immediate area. This is something that all players should make a habit out of if they expect to remain well funded and outfitted throughout Dying Light.

Arrival at the waypoint will reveal two zombies trying to break down a closed door, and the person Crane is trying to save is located inside. Equip a melee weapon and bash away at the skulls of these undead freaks until they’re permanently dead, then open the door to find the “survivor.” Do what needs to be done, then check in with Jade at the Tower.

Turn the Power on to Unlock the Safe Zone

It’s important to learn early on that Safe Zones are essential to the success and survival of Kyle Crane. These buildings will allow players to get out of the darkness without having to travel all the way back to the Tower, and therefore should be secured as soon as possible and while it’s still daylight outside. Potential Safe Zones are marked on the map as red houses, while secured Safe Zones are green. Secure this Safe Zone by turning the power on at the objective marker in the corner of the room.

Get onto the Building’s Roof and Contact the GRE

That building where players can contact the GRE is just outside the Safe Zone to the west. It can be accessed by climbing up a nearby electrical pole and jumping over. This will trigger a cut scene to complete the objective.

Arm More Car Traps

Just to the southwest of the roof there will be two more traps that can be armed. Look for two cars sitting in the street, but unfortunately these ones are surround by zombies. Given that Crane still has a batch of Firecrackers on him that would be a good place to start. Toss the Firecrackers away from the front hood of the first car, then approach and arm it when the undead are distracted. Return to the relative safety of the rooftops and repeat this for the second vehicle.

Prepare Light Traps for the Night Mission

A good Samaritan’s work is never done, evidenced by the fact that there is a new objective marker on the map with the location of another trap, this one of the light variety. Head to the rooftops and drop in on the objective, making sure to kill the zombie that is easily overlooked by careless gamers.

Tip: There’s a chest at the back of the room that can be opened using a lock pick, and given that the area is (sort of) secure this would be a good place to practice. Fool around with the mechanics, but don’t try and force the pick somewhere that it doesn’t want to go. That’s a good way to break the device.

Arm More Devices

There are three more traps that need to be armed, with each one being located above ground. This can be determined by the arrow beside the objective marker on the map. If it points up, the objective is above the player’s location. If the arrow points down it’s below. Move to the first pole and arm the trap.

Tip: Somewhere around here gamers can expect to get an Agility skill point (assuming they have been using their free running abilities). Purchase Dodge with this point, the only skill that’s available. Just as the name sounds, this allows Kyle to evade his enemies with quick movements.

Move in the direction of the final traps, climbing onto the roof of the building that sits a few feet to the west of the one that sits to the south. From here players can jump to the pole (these poles can’t be climbed) and arm the device. Head north a short distance and hop on top of an abandoned train car to arm the final trap.

Find the Power Distribution Panel and Fix the Light Problem

Of course, nothing ever goes as planned, and the new objective has Mr. Crane focused on restoring the power that is needed to use the traps he’s just gone through the trouble of setting up. Head to the southwest to reach the new waypoint on the map, then approach glowing control box on the ground level.

The fight with Mr. Hammer is optional, although killing this big fool would result in the acquisition of a pretty cool melee weapon to carry around. To fight him on the ground level, use the Dodge skill that should be unlocked at this point. If Mr. Crane isn’t feeling quite so lucky, hop up onto the root and craft some ranged weapons (Throwing Knife, Throwing Star) and take pot shots at his head. Just be sure to kill the far less threatening zombie that’s wandering around nearby.

With the area now clear, head inside the building and hit the switch to turn the power back on. This will complete the objective, but before taking off make sure to search through an adjacent room. It’s there that players can find a new melee weapon, a body to loot, the Water Current Blueprint and another chest to practice lock picking on.

Run Back to the Safe House Before It Gets Dark

If Mr. Hammer is still alive, we’d advise not going back out the way that was used to get inside. Instead, head out a side door (next to the chest and dead body) and turn east to start out toward the next objective, which just so happens to be the Safe Zone that was set up earlier. No need to stop and fight the hoards of zombies here, just free run until the objective is completed.

Tip: The game won’t mention this until morning, but surviving the first night will unlock co-operative mode, allowing players to complete this game together. Strength in numbers and all, right?

Talk to Spike

After surviving the darkness and Mr. Hammer, getting back to Spike should be a fairly simple task at this point. Practice free running to rank up the Agility skill, or stop and bust a few heads to get Power on par with everything else. After reaching and talking to Spike players will be sent back to the Tower.

Tip: A bump in Survivor rank should be happening around this time, and it will allow players to unlock either Backpacker or Boosters. We opted to go with Boosters since the idea of running faster and seeing at night was too much to resist.

Report Meeting with the Tower’s Leader to the GRE

Locate a waypoint that sits high above the ground level and travel there. This will trigger another chat between Crane and his GRE handlers.

Team Up with Brecken in the Tower

The rest of the mission is no more than going through the motions. Enter the Tower and take a ride up to the 19th floor, then meet up with Jade to try and talk some sense into Brecken. Oh, and feel free to chat with other survivors and vendors to see what can be learned (or bought).

This will bring Mission 2: First Assignment to a close. Feel free to return to our Dying Light walkthrough, or jump right back into the action with Mission 3: Airdrop.

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