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Dying Light Mission 11: The Museum – Tahir Boss Fight

by Prima Games Staff

Meet Jade in the Red Building

Unfortunately for us, this mission kicked off just as night time was coming, but we managed to make the first objective slightly more safe by sticking to the rooftops and keeping our flashlight off. The Virals and Volatiles seem to mostly stick to the ground level, even though it will appear as though they have line of sight on Crane due to the mini map. If there’s a Safe Zone nearby it might be wise to wait out the darkness. Either option is fine, and the objective will be complete when players reach the waypoint.

Tip: If players can find a secluded spot with decent elevation, why not crouch in a corner and wait for daylight? It’s not a bad way to earn some extra experience without having to deal with the monsters of the night.

Find the Museum Custodian

Because the museum is likely going to have a boat load of human enemies, as well as some more formidable undead ones, why not stop by a vendor and snag some new toys, or at least top up on ammunition? When that’s done, head for the waypoint on the map using the rooftops. The part of Harran is built in such a way that players will rarely need to set foot on the ground.

Find the Underwater Entrance

Head to the center of the circle marked on the map and dive underwater. There’s a tunnel that when entered will reveal a path on Crane’s map, and this is the way to get into the museum. Follow the route until there is an opportunity to surface, then hop on a nearby box and catch some air. Jump off the box and into the water on the other side of the gate, then continue swimming while paying attention to the instructions on the map.

Find a Way into the Museum

There’s a little bit more deep sea diving to do here, but the path is fairly straightforward and Crane should have plenty of oxygen to make the trip. By plenty we mean just enough of course, but following the waypoint on the map should see players make it through in one piece. When the swimming portion is over it’ll be time to climb up and into the daylight. From there it’s only a matter of moving forward in the only direction possible until Crane locates two if Rais’ men hanging out in a courtyard, then it’s more moving forward until a cut scene sees this objective to its completion.

Tip: If a human shoots at Crane, make sure to loot their body after killing them. It never hurts to have a pocket full of bullets.

Eliminate Rais’ Guards

The first part of this fight will take place in a fairly advantageous location for Crane, since all the stone structures provide excellent cover from the nearby guards. Focus on killing the ones on the ground, then move to the fools on the upper walkways by aiming down sight and waiting for headshots. When the last scumbag is down Rais will start talking to Kyle over the museum’s loud speaker. The objective itself will end shortly after players pass through a security door resting on top of a zombie.

Rescue Jade | Kill the Infected

It’s really more of the same with this objective, with the major difference being that players will need to move and shoot. After reaching a hall of zombies, climb up rather than jump down, then use the side balconies to navigate toward the waypoint to the far end of the hallway.

Maintain the superior firing position of the balcony and rain bullets down on the undead below. There’s even a few with oxygen tanks on their backs that will explode when shot. This is a handy way to take out multiple foes without taking all the time to line up a dozen headshots. Players will know the zombies are all dead when the objective updates and returns to rescuing Jade, which is (almost) as simple as opening a door.

Help Jade Kill the Infected

We said it was almost as simple as opening a door because that is how players rescue Jade in terms of objectives. Open the door and the objective is complete. In reality, she’s far from rescued, but at least she’s in one piece.

When Tahir and Rais open the door it’s time to fight, and this is done by slaughtering as many infected corpses as possible with a rifle. Just make sure that there’s plenty of ammunition, then cut the flesh from their undead bones. When the last one falls, search as many bodies as possible for money and material, then it’s time to move on out.

Escape the Museum

A cut scene will play out and deliver players to a portion of the mission which doesn’t actually have an objective, or a HUD for that matter. Just wander around trying the various doors until one opens, then move on to the next area and do the same thing.

This dream like hallucination will continue for some time, with the second portion turning Jade into a makeshift objective marker. Keep moving along the blurry and ever changing terrain, adjusting Crane’s course so he’s constantly following the image of Jade.

Defeat Tahir

In terms of boss fights, this one isn’t so bad. For the most part Tahir will stay honorable and fight Crane one on one. He will throw knives, however these can be easily dodged or avoided by using the pillars to break line of sight.

When Tahir is close, let him wind up and take a big swing, once again using dodge to avoid damage. When he’s missed, move in and hit him with a few strikes, then back off and repeat the process over again. This will continue until he’s low on damage, at which point he calls in some reinforcements.

Tahir’s backup isn’t really that bad, but it can be tough if they manage to get Crane cornered. Keep moving and taking pot shots at the guards whenever possible, completing ignoring Tahir until things are back to one and one again.

When it’s Just Crane versus Tahir again, circle back to the formula we mentioned previously, dodging his attacks before moving in for the kill. He should fall soon enough.

Leave the Museum | Take Your Stuff

It’s a fairly simple process to get out of the museum. Just follow the waypoint until instructed to grab Crane’s stuff, killing the guards and doing as the objective says. Once players are outside the job is done. Well, done except for more objectives.

Meet with Troy

There’s only so many ways that we can advise players to run to the waypoint on their map, so let’s all just agree that this one is under control and the mission is in good hands. Feel free to return to our Dying Light walkthrough, or continue to play world savior by immediately jumping into Mission 12: Broadcast.

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