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Dying Light Mission 10: Public Faces – Zombie Children

by Prima Games Staff

Meet with Michael in the Sewers

It feels silly to have to say this every mission, but the first objective is pretty simple. Players will only need to travel from the start location to the waypoint, however things can become very complicated if Crane gets hung up by hoards of undead. For this reason, maybe leave any firearms in his backpack and go strictly melee while out in the open. After all, noise attracts zombies.

the sewer entrance is in the middle of what looks like a construction site or park, and the area has a few Toads around it. Not the cute and slimy kind, the monstrous ones that throw acid like goo at Crane while he’s trying to save Harran. The bad kind. Anyway, get down into the sewers to complete the objective.

Find Michael

Drop into the water and swim north until there’s an opportunity to surface. Turn east from there and drop back into the drink when there isn’t anywhere else to go. Emerging will put players at a dead body, one which should be looted and used for its zombie camouflage.

Continue sprinting through the tunnels and right past the undead that line the path. They shouldn’t mess with Crane so long as he’s got the guts all over him. Following the on-screen objective marker will soon put players in contact with Michael, then it’s on to the next task.

Pick Up the Explosives | Reach the 10th Floor

There’s a point in every violent game where players get an incredible amount of loot or gear. Maybe it’s a rocket launcher or heavy machine gun, but it’s always a sign that things are about to get cranked up a notch. With Dying Light, that moment is now. There are melee weapons and explosives lying all over the place, a clear sign that gamers are going to soon need them. Pack a lunch and get ready to go to work.

Head up to the first floor and call the elevator. It’s kind enough to deliver Mr. Crane to the 5th floor, but unfortunately that’s five floors shy of the goal. Climb through the roof hatch and start heading up through the elevator shaft. This will take players to the 9th floor, and from there 10th floor is accessible through a hole in the ceiling.

Plant Explosives in Apartment 105 and 106

The 10th floor is crawling with zombies, some of which are Bombers and Toads. This makes zombie camouflage a great option, but even then we found that a gun was the way to go. In fact, we locked ourselves in one of the target apartments and held court there, taking out everything that threatened to thwart our plan.

When the coast is clear(ish) feel free to approach the stove in each unit and turn it on, then plant the bomb. The apartments will show up as waypoints and shaded areas on the map, and when the job is done Crane will check in with Michael.

Plant Explosives in 134 and 137

Smear some zombie guts all over Crane and then head up to the 12th floor, hurrying along until there is a hole in the ceiling that leads to the 13th floor. Players who make good time might be able to make it there without drawing any attention to themselves whatsoever.

Once Mr. Crane is unsafely on the 13th floor, clear out a few zombies and head into the shaded apartment nearby. Plant the explosives and then run for the next unit. There’s a lot of trouble in the hallways, but headshots from a firearm should clean things out very quickly. Just be weary of the zombie child in the target area. We figured there would be a non-lethal way of shutting it up, but in the end we just shot it like everything else. Oh, and be sure to plant the final charge to complete the objective.

Find Michael’s Detonator

This part really isn’t all that difficult, but can go sideways quickly if players don’t catch a few breaks. We opted to just run past everything and hop in the elevator to get back to Michael. It wasn’t until we stepped off that we found a crazy amount of zombies waiting to greet us. This included Goons, Bombers and everything in between, but again we just ran past them and down the stairs.

The room that Michael was hiding in now contains a Bomber, so it might be wise to slow when approaching the door. Once that exploding fool is down, head inside and grab the detonator from the floor. This will complete the objective.

Leave the Building and Detonate the Charges

There’s a lot more running to be done, then a bit of climbing and jumping when players get to a room with a lone Goon hanging out. Kill him if it seems necessary, otherwise just move past the big slowpoke and keep making progress toward the current objective. After exiting the building a mission ending cut scene will play. Feel free to return to our Dying Light walkthrough, or if Kyle Crane doesn’t need a break get started with Mission 11: Rendezvous.

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