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Dragon Age: Inquisition – Investigate the Western Approach

by Bryan Dawson

Quest Objectives: Return to Skyhold and scout the Western Approach

The next quest requires a power level of eight. You should be very close to that if you’re not already there, but if you do not have a power level of at least eight, stay in the Crestwood region and complete a few side quests until you reach that point. Once you have the necessary power level, fast travel back to Skyhold. Head to the war room and select the Orlais side of the table. Select the far left item, “Investigate the Western Approach” to travel out to the new area.

Quest Objective: Meet Hawke and Stroud in the Western Approach

When you arrive, speak to the Requisition Officer, then read the Venatori message on the table nearby. Your mission objective lies to the far southwest. For now, head south to the close the rift a short distance from the camp site.

From the location of the rift, follow the path to the south. When you reach a series of cages, examine the item in front of the first cage on the right to find a package label. Head into the sand rock mine directly to the north. Loot the room at the end of the mine, then head back outside and over to the second mine entrance to the right.

Select a mage class and energize the wood a short distance in front of the entrance to create a ramp that allows access into the mine. Head up the ramp, collect the loot at the top, then head into the Forgotten Mine to complete the Venatori side quest you received from the Requisition Officer. Take out the giant spiders in the first room, then pick up the large amount of loot scattered here.

Head down the passage to the left as you watch out for hyenas attacking from the front and possibly behind. Make your way through the cave and then to the west once you get back outside. Watch out for giant spiders, as they attack quickly and without much warning. When you reach the exclamation point on the map, examine the trail sign here to begin the “On the Chantry Trail” side quest.

Continue down the southwest path as you make your way toward the waypoint marker for the main quest line. Along the way are two rifts you have the option to close, as well as a landmark you can claim. When you reach the waypoint, it triggers a cut-scene with dialogue.

Immediately following the cut-scene, you must defeat a small group of enemies. This isn’t a difficult fight. In fact, the fights against random enemies leading up to this point were arguably more difficult. After the battle, pick up the loot in the area, including the hidden loot in the southwest corner. Claim the landmark down the stairs at the entrance to the area and you’re done with this region for now. Head back to Skyhold and go to the war room.

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