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Dragon Age: Inquisition – The Fallow Mire Side Quests

by Bryan Dawson

You can’t unlock Fallow Mire until you have a power level of at least eight. Once you have a high enough power level you can reach the Mire via the war table in Haven. Most of the quests in Fallow Mire can be completed by simply following the main road to the south. Along the way you’ll be able to find every you need to complete almost every side quest here.

Lost Souls

Description: Inquisition soldiers are missing in the uncharted marshes of southern Ferelden.
Starting NPC: War Room Table
Requirements: Begin adventuring in The Hinterlands; Power Level 8
Reward: +1,025 XP, +400 Influence, +3 Power Level

Quest Objectives:

  • Go to the war table to locate the soldiers
  • Travel to the Fallow Mire
  • Locate the Avvar outpost
  • Open the gates
  • Defeat the Avvar leader
  • Release the Inquisition hostages

To access Fallow Mire, first begin your adventures in The Hinterlands area. As soon as you’ve entered the area at least once, you can head back to Haven, then go to the war room in the main chantry building. From the war room table you can access Fallow Mire if you have a power level of eight or more. If your power level is too low, complete a few side quests in The Hinterlands to get it up to eight.

Once you enter Fallow Mire. head south to reach the Avvar outpost. When you get to the castle, a group of enemies will attack. More enemies continue to attack as the fight progresses and will not stop until you make your way into the castle. When your party members tell you to run, head into the castle to stop the attack.

Upon entering Hargrave Keep, more enemies attack. Take them out, then head up the wooden ramp and hit the switch above to open the gate. Take out the next group of enemies, then head up the stairs until you reach the top where you face off against the Hand of Korth. To make this fight a little easier, focus on the secondary enemies first, then turn your attention toward the Hand. Kill the Hand of Korth to initiate a cut-scene and complete the quest.

Holding the Mire

Description: Establish camps to hold the Fallow Mire and support Inquisition activity in the region.
Starting NPC: Scout Harding
Requirements: None
Reward: +50 Influence; +1 Power Level

Quest Objective:

  • Establish two camps

Like the other side quests that require you to setup camp sites, check the map to find the location of the second camp (the first is setup once you enter the Mire), then head to that location and interact with the camp site to establish the second camp. Once the second camp is setup the quest is complete.

Beacons in the Dark

Description: The Fallow Mire is plagued with demons. Lighting veilfire beacons should draw them out. Defeat the demons to make the area safer.
Starting NPC: Fallow Mire Beacon
Requirements: None
Reward: +967 XP, +200 Influence, +2 Power Level

Quest Objectives:

  • Clear four beacons
  • Light the beacons and defeat the demons

Make sure you have a mage in your party, then approach any one of the four stone beacons around Fallow Mire. This adds waypoints to your map showcasing the location of the other three beacons. Before you continue, look at the “Beneath the Mire” side quest as you can do both quests simultaneously.

Have your mage like the torch at each beacon, then defeat the group of enemies that spawn. If you don’t need extra XP, just kill the Demonic Terrors and the rest of the enemies will die instantly. Light the torches and defeat the Terrors are all four beacons to complete the quest.

Beneath the Mire

Description: Mysterious veilfire runes are inscribed on rocks and ruins in the mire. Perhaps they can be deciphered.
Starting NPC: Beacon Rune
Requirements: Start the “Beacons in the Dark” quest
Reward: Tears of the Dead tonic recipe, 512 XP, +200 Influence, +2 Power Level

Quest Objectives:

  • Find all four veilfire runes
  • Recover the apostate’s journal

Once you’ve found the first beacon in the “Beacons in the Dark” quest, use the torch to find the rune hidden on the stone beacon. Once you’ve examined the runes at all four beacons you complete the quest and earn the recipe for the Tears of the Dead tonic.

Cabin Fever

Description: Explore the Fallow Mire to find a way inside the locked cabin.
Starting NPC: Buried Cabin Key
Requirements: None
Reward: +128 XP, +80 Influence

Quest Objective:

  • Unlock the cabin door

Once you enter the Mire, make your way south. Between the third and fourth beacon in the “Beacons in the Dark” quest your mini-map will indicate there’s a hidden item nearby (the outer circle on the mini-map will glow). Scan the area to locate the key, then open the nearby cabin to complete the quest.

These Demons Are Clever

Description: A journal recovered in the mire suggests a rather unstable apostate is roaming about somewhere. The apostate, apparently named Widris, seems to be mixed up with some demons and could be dangerous.
Starting NPC: Journal
Requirements: None
Reward: +967 XP, +200 Influence, +2 Power Level

Quest Objectives:

  • Find Widris
  • Kill Widris

As you complete the “Beacons in the Dark” quest you’ll come across a journal on the ground near one of the beacons. Pick up the journal to begin this quest and place a search area on the map. Move into the search area to find a number of stones in a circular formation. Claim the landmark in the middle of the stone circle, then head west to find a passage that leads to the next open area. Take out any enemies that attack along the way, then kill Widris who waits in the open area ahead.

The battle against Widris can be difficult if you’re not at least around level 12. You can take Widris down with a lower level party comprised of three mages and a sword and shield warrior, but if you’re using a normal party composition it’s best to hold off until you’re at least level 12. Take out the secondary enemies that fight alongside Widris first, then take out Widris once the other enemies are down.

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