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The Division Security Mission – Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint

by Bryan Dawson

When you first begin The Division you do not have access to most of your skills and their related, perks and talents. The first story mission in Manhattan unlocks the Medical wing giving you limited access. The Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint mission unlocks the Security wing. If you’re trying to get skills, talents or perks in the Security wing, you need to complete this mission first.

  • Reach the security center.
  • Search the tunnel entrance.
  • Reach the flood gate.
  • Defend JTF while the bomb is disarmed.
  • Clear out the tunnel.
  • Talk to Roy Benitez.
  • Protect Roy Benitez.
  • Survive the assault.
  • Talk to Roy Benitez.

When you reach the mission start point head down the street to engage the first group of hostiles. Take them out and move past the flamer tanker as you continue down the street. You encounter the next group of enemies when you reach the overpass. Be sure to take out the enemies perched above on the overpass in addition to the ground force, then head up the rope to the location of the elevated enemies to find an item crate to the left.

Continue through the tunnel until you reach two more hostiles perched above. Take out the one to the far right, then climb up the ladder on the right to get the high ground and remove the second enemy. At this point you’ll only have enemies in the area below, and with your high position you shouldn’t have too much trouble taking them out. After two sets of reinforcements enter the lower area you are tasked with reaching the floodgate. Head down to the lower area and continue through the next tunnel to find more hostiles at the end.

Once they’re down you need to defend their previous position while the bomb is disarmed. The enemies will come in three waves from the same direction you came in from. Save your grenades for the enemies with over-shields, or for the larger groups of enemies. Watch the health of the agent disarming the bomb to make sure they aren’t being attacked. If they die the mission is a failure. There’s a restock crate to the left of the bomb if you run out of ammo.

With the tunnel clear, head up the stairs and through the building until you reach the room with the large blue machinery. Through the gate to the left you’ll find a bag with a bit of loot. Collect the loot then keep moving until you hit the stairs. Just before the stairs head into the room on the right to find another loot crate.

When you reach Roy Benitez at the waypoint you won’t be talking for long before your ambushed. Protect Benitez as you defend your location, then head out to eradicate the leader of the attacking force. There’s a restock crate in the room where you first meet Benitez if you run low on ammo.

As you move back outside, move up the right side of the street to make sure no hostiles can circle around behind you. When it’s only the leader of and his right-hand man left (both with overshields), move up to get them to come out of cover. If you’re good you can stay back and shoot, but it will take considerably longer to finish them off.

Take out the right-hand man first as he has less health and goes down much faster. Be very careful of the boss’s gun as it will kill you in two shots if you’re around level 5. Anytime you see his light, you know he’s about to shoot. He generally shoots three times before taking cover again. You can pop out and quickly shoot him between each of his three shots, but only for one quick burst. If you stay any longer than a single burst, you will be hit.

Once the boss is down head back to your base of operations and speak to Captain Benitez in the Security wing. This completes the mission and unlocks your ability to access the Security wing upgrades for skills, perks and talents. Move over to the nearby laptop to upgrade the wing by building the Situation Room.

From here you can continue on to the Tech Mission: Subway Morgue, or head back to our Division walkthrough and guide hub for more tips, tricks and advice!

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