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The Division Beta Story Mission Guide

by Bryan Dawson

Tom Clancy’s The Division Beta is finally upon us. While the full game doesn’t release until March 8, 2016, the Beta provides a decent look at what players can expect. You’ve only got the weekend to play so let’s cover everything you need to know about The Division Beta so you can hit the ground running.

Character Customization

When you first boot up the beta you need to customize your character. The final game will have a multitude of options to customize any one of four characters, but for the purposes of the Beta you are limited to only selecting a randomized male or female character. You have a handful of faces with random hair and skin features as you cycle through your randomized choices. Select the character you want, then confirm your agent to move into the game.

Establish Base of Operations

The opening cut-scene for The Division Beta introduces you to your commanding officer on this little adventure of yours, Faye Lau. As your helicopter lands in New York City you receive your first mission, Establish Base of Operations. There are no enemies or items to loot in the immediate area, so click the Left Analog Stick and run toward the tent ahead.

As you make your way through the tent and out into the snow beyond, you’ll pass your first Gear Vendor. You don’t have enough currency to buy anything at the moment, but make note of the choices. Everything in this shop is better than what you’re currently wearing. Don’t worry, you’ll find some loot as you venture out on missions, but when you have the cash, you can pick up some average items at the shop or sell any gear you don’t need.

Continue around the corner as you make your way toward the waypoint ahead. To the left you’ll see a woman at a tent. Speak with her to unlock the location of several side missions. There’s only one main mission branch in the Beta, so most of your time will be spent completing side missions. It’s important to grab their locations whenever you can to save time.

If you haven’t already, access the inventory menu (press Start) and assign a skill to your RB / R1 button. At present you have three skills, Pulse under the Medical branch, Sticky Bomb under the Tech branch and Ballistic Shield under the Security branch. You can upgrade all three of these skills by completing various side missions, but the only additional skill you can unlock is the First Aid skill in the Medical branch (upgrade the Medical Wing). Everything else is sealed up tight until the retail release.

We’ll have a breakdown of the Beta skills coming up very soon, but for now select Pulse to see where hostiles are located, Sticky Bomb to inflict heavy damage to enemies, or Ballistic Shield to give yourself a bit of extra defense. Eventually you’ll be able to equip two of these skills, but for now you’ll have to pick just one. You can switch your active skill at any point, so don’t worry about picking the wrong skill right now.

Continue to follow the orange line marking the location of the next waypoint. You pass into Chelsea as you close in on the target location. At this point Press Y / Triangle to switch from your pistol to your primary weapon(M4). After you pass under the bridge there are two hostiles in the ROW pharmacy to the left just before you enter Pennsylvania Plaza. If you’re using Pulse you can scan the area for their exact location, but they’re pretty easy to see.

Clear the two enemies and loot any items you find, then continue through Pennsylvania Plaza. From this point on you may run into hostiles at any time so be ready to fire. When you reach the fire team ahead, take down the enemies to the left. After the first two go down, several more will appear in the area just ahead. Clear the area to complete the objective, then continue to the waypoint directly ahead to engage in another fire fight.

Take down the enemies in the area and you can finally establish your base of operations. Head inside (where the waypoint indicates) to enter a safe zone. You can’t use firearms or skills here, but you also don’t need to worry about hostiles. When you make it inside you’ll get to watch a short cut-scene

Booting Up the Base of Operations

Your nest task is to essentially scope out your base. You need to travel to each wing (Medical, Tech and Security) and access the laptop in each to boot up the wing. Just follow the exclamation points and you’ll have this objective completed in a matter of minutes. Keep in mind the Tech wing is up the stairs near the entrance.

Once you’ve booted up all three laptops, head back toward the entrance to meet up with Faye Lau again and complete the mission. If you haven’t already, access the container right by where you encountered Faye to restock your ammunition, then press Select (Option on Xbox, Touchpad on PS4) and mark the Madison Field Hospital mission. This is the final main story mission of the Beta.

Madison Field Hospital

Head out of your base and over to the waypoint indicating the location of the hospital. As you approach the entrance is blown away. At this point you now have access to grenades so use them if need be by pressing left on the d-pad. Head inside and up the stairs to engage several hostiles. Once you’ve cleared the immediate area you’ll find one more enemy at the top of the escalators just ahead.

Take out the enemies and make your way up the escalators. Follow the waypoint up the next flight of stairs and into the room on the right. Access the keyboard on the far side of the room then continue up the next flight of stairs and through the double doors to the right.

Continue down the hall to the left, past the forklift and med beds, and into the next large room. There are several more hostiles in this room that need to be taken out. Use cover so you can take them out one at a time without taking significant damage. Remember you have med packs available by pressing right on the d-pad if you take too much damage. You only have two so be frugal with their usage.

Several sets of reinforcements come into the room in waves shortly after you open fire. Make sure you clear the enemies quickly so you don’t get overwhelmed when each new wave of reinforcements arrives.

With the enemies down, head to the far side of the room and make your way into the elevator at the end. Access the button inside the elevator to activate it, then continue to the far side of the next room and through the hallway entrance to the right. Open the double doors at the end of the hallway to find several more hostiles on the far side of the next room, to the left.

Take cover and clear out the first set of hostiles. Once they’re down move to the far side of the room and through the double doors on the left. The waypoint ahead marks the location of the doctor you’re here to save. Approach here to complete the objective and another wave of enemies enters the room.

Clear out the enemies, then head to the far side and into the small room to the left. Continue up the ladder and follow the waypoints to the roof to find another group of hostiles on the roof. You need to take down all of the enemies here including the boss. Clear the lesser enemies first, and take cover when the boss shoots at you. Between his fire bursts pop out of cover and lay into him. It won’t be long before they’re all down.

Collect any loot and follow the waypoint markers to the far side of the roof. Slide down the elevator shaft, then interact with the lever at the bottom to open the door. Search the backpack just beyond the door to find another medkit, then make your way back to the base of operations.

When you reach the base, head over to the Medical wing and speak with Jessica Kandel, the doctor you just saved. This completes the mission, unlocks the Medical wing and allows you to set a second skill. Head over to the laptop in the Medical wing (marked with an exclamation point) and access it to upgrade the Medical wing. This gives you a new skill and a new perk, effectively ending the main story mission available in the Beta.

You can now locate the Dark Zone to group up with other players and complete side missions to unlock upgrades to your skills. Stay tuned to Prima Games as we’ll have more coverage of The Division Beta very soon!

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