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Destiny – Wolf High Servitor

by Prima Games Staff

This article will show you the location of the Wolf High Servitor at the Temple of Crota on the Moon. This Queen’s Wrath Bounty is part of the Destiny: House of Wolves expansion.

Begin by traveling to The Reef and picking this Bounty up. If Petra Venj doesn’t have it in stock, grab whatever she has, but don’t bother tracking the Wolf High Servitor down. This is not a Bounty where you get an Ether Key that opens a chest, so the only available reward is from turning in the completed Bounty itself. If you really want to do this for some reason, check back after the weekly reset at 5:00 AM EST on Tuesday and you can see Petra’s refreshed stock.

Wanted: Wolf High Servitor

Do what you need to at The Reef and then set a course for Orbit, and ultimately send your Fireteam on a Patrol of the Moon. You will spawn in at Archer’s Line. Summon your Sparrow and go up the hill, taking the right path that leads you to the Anchor of Light. From here you want to take another right when you can. There are normally a few low level Fallen enemies here, so expect some shooting. Make your way to the Temple of Crota, sticking to the cliff along the right side. Don’t go down toward the door. You will find a path that hooks further up the hill (we didn’t even know it was there before. Was it?). Follow that path and you will be face to face with the Wolf High Servitor.

The fight itself should be fairly easy, but you will definitely want to kill the random enemies around the Servitor. In Destiny, you don’t have to kill the biggest threat first. Kill all the background noise (random foes/supporting cast), and then you can focus only on the main target. Take this approach. If you are having issues with the Wolf High Servitor, make sure you’re using a weapon that does Arc damage, as that is typically the shield type for Fallen opposition. You’ll also want to target the eye as that is the critical damage point that will end this affair sooner rather than later. If you are still struggling, back up a few feet, heal up, and then shoot from a distance. As long as you keep chipping away you’ll get there.

As mentioned, there is no Ether Key for this fight, but you could earn yourself a small reward on the spot. If you do, great, it’s likely a Token of Flight, and you probably have nine of them already. Your only shot at a real reward is to return the Bounty to The Reef, handing it over to Petra Venj. We like to hand them all in at once. Call it superstition, but it feels like you get a better shot at cool rewards when you hand in multiple bounties at a time.

If you have other Bounties you need to finish before the end of your play session, be sure to visit our Destiny: House of Wolves Walkthrough and Guide.

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