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Destiny – Wanted: Howling Raiders

by Prima Games Staff

This page will show you how to find and kill the Howling Raiders by traveling to the Hall of Whispers on Venus. This Bounty is part of the House of Wolves Expansion.

As with any Bounty, start by picking it up. In this case you want to travel to The Reef and speak with Petra Venj. Take note that her stock refreshes every Tuesday at 5:00 AM EST. If you don’t see it, you need to wait for it to refresh, or check your Inventory to see if you have already purchased it. If you do not have this Bounty, and cannot obtain it, there is almost no purpose to seeking out the Howling Raiders and taking them down. You’d be better off going after one of the Bounties that gives you an Ether Key, which this does not.

Wanted: Howling Raiders

Start off by going to Orbit and then choosing the option to Patrol on Venus. When you spawn in you will be in the Headlands, and you can either go left or right. You want to go right.

Follow the path to the Shattered Coast, driving your Sparrow through the Fallen enemies near the car wrecks not far from the spawn. Continue to follow the coast until you reach more Fallen, at which point you want to turn left, go up some stairs and into a building. Ride your Sparrow through the hole in the floor so you are underground. Follow that path to the Ishtar Academy, which you will recognize from the statue in the middle. Drive past it and into the next building, obeying the path until you emerge at the Ishtar Commons. Exit the building and go straight into the next (slightly left), passing through the door at the back on the first floor. Navigate the halls until you reach a mesh netting that is hanging from the roof on the left side. Through the next door are your targets.

Keep moving right until you reach the Hall of Whispers. There will be a large staircase on the right, and when you reach the top you’ll want to turn left. At the back of the balcony you will find two Howling Raiders, each of which is a level 28. There are also a bunch of other Fallen enemies around, so you may want to clear a few of them out before attacking your targets. Either way, this is easily completed even if you are doing it solo. Try loading up on Heavy Ammunition to end the fight quickly, or if you are Hunter you could go with the Gunslinger or Bladedancer Super Abilities that will do major damage in a big hurry.

As mentioned, there is no Ether Key for completing this, so when both of these fools are dead you might as well set a course for either your next Bounty, or The Reef. If you go to The Reef you can collect your reward from Petra Venj, but if you have more Bounties, we can certainly assist you with that. Be sure to visit our Destiny: House of Wolves Walkthrough and Guide to complete any and all activities related to the House of Wolves DLC.

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