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Destiny – Wanted: Grayor, Wolf Assassin

by Prima Games Staff

This page will show you how to find and kill Grayor, Wolf Assassin by traveling to the Mothyards on Earth. This Bounty is part of the House of Wolves expansion pack.

To pick this Bounty up, travel to The Reef and speak with Petra Venj. Every Tuesday (5:00 AM EST) she will have a new batch of Wanted Bounties for players to complete. If you see this Bounty listed, pick it up and we’ll help you kill your target. If you don’t see it listed, she may not be offering it, but you can still mess Grayor, Wolf Assassin up and open a chest using an Ether Key. Essentially, this hunt is worth it regardless of whether or not you have the Bounty.

Wanted: Grayor, Wolf Assassin

Head to Orbit and set a course for Earth. When you spawn in, travel forward and to the left, following the path for a few seconds until you reach the Mothyards. Once there, hop up on top of the nearby airplane and wait. Grayor, Wolf Assassin will show up every 10 minutes or so, but in the meantime you can take on some Patrol missions or just snipe random foes with your Ice Breaker. If you are a level 33 or higher, you can easily solo this Bounty, although it’s obviously easier with a group of people.

When you see a message that A Pack of Wolves is Prowling, that is your cue to go to work. You should see the enemies dropped off via a Fallen Skiff, and if you own an Ice Breaker the first wave is easily finished by sitting back and sniping them. The keys here are the Scorch Captains. When they die they will drop the Scorch Cannon, which you can then pick up and use to dismantle the following several waves. Take note that these weapons do not work on a timer, but rather come with a limit of 10 shots. Once you fire all 10 rounds you lose the Scorch Cannon. Still, if you are doing this solo, you should be able to survive the next two or three waves of opposition with these weapons. If you are in a group, you hardly need a guide for dealing damage, just shoot the bad guys until they die.

The final wave of enemies will have Grayor, Wolf Assassin, and this is by far the toughest foe to take down. If you have the Scorch Cannon still, hit your enemy with everything you have. Another really good way to do damage is with the Warlock, using the Radiance from the Sunsinger Subclass. This will allow you to hit your foe with half a dozen Grenades without breaking a sweat. You can also burn through any of your Heavy Ammunition, as that will most certainly do the trick as well. We’ve even managed to take this fool out with nothing but an Ice Breaker and Scout Rifle, so you have a lot of options even if you don’t have the best weapons. More than anything, stay on the move and don’t let Grayor, Wolf Assassin get within melee range.

Once your enemy is dead, the bottom left hand corner of your screen should make mention of an Ether Key, which unlocks a chest that can be found in one of four places. Your best bet to spot it is to get to the top of the airplane we spoke of earlier and look for the thin beam of light shooting out of the top. If you have other Guardians with you, watch where they go, as there is almost always several people who know where the chest will spawn.

When you locate the chest, you can head back to the Reef to claim your reward, or you can go to the next Bounty. Let us help you with that by visiting our Destiny: House of Wolves Walkthrough and Guide.

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