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Destiny – Wanted: Ether Runner

by Prima Games Staff

This page will show you how to find and kill the Ether Runner at the Endless Steps on Venus in the Destiny: House of Wolves expansion.

Grab the Bounty from Petra Venj by visiting her at The Reef. If she doesn’t have it, you’ll have to wait for her stock to refresh, which can take several days depending in when you check. Note that you can hunt and kill the Ether Runner without having the Bounty active, but as we’ll explain further down, this is rather pointless.

Wanted: Ether Runner

Head to Orbit and then select a Patrol mission on Venus. When you spawn in, hop on your Sparrow and begin the very, very long trip to the Endless Steps. This will take you through the Ishtar Cliffs, Waking Ruins, and Campus 9, until you finally arrive at the Endless Steps. This area should remind you of a mission or two you’ve completed.

In the middle of the Endless Steps are… steps. When you’re facing them, you’ll see the Ether Runner (a Servitor) hanging out in the far back left corner. It will be flanked by several enemies, but this Bounty is much different that some you might recall.

For starters, there is only one wave, and the Ether Runner is there the entire time. Secondly, you do not get yourself an Ether Key for killing this foe, and therefore it is almost pointless to do so if the Bounty is not active. You will get no rewards beyond about 25 Glimmer for your trouble.

If you don’t want to mess with the close combat, sit back and snipe this fool with whatever Legendary or Exotic Sniper Rifle you have. As you may have read in our previous walkthrough and guide content, we are a huge fan of the Ice Breaker. Just find a quiet spot and go for critical hits in your enemy’s eye. When it does fall, there is nothing that you need to loot or find. You just need to exit the area and go about your next bit of business.

If you’re feeling a bit let down from that experience, you can always backtrack to the Ishtar Cliffs and hunt Orbiks-11. Unlike the Ether Runner, this foe actually does provide you with an Ether Key, and that will allow you to open a chest and take a crack at some decent rewards.

Whenever you’re ready to go, return to Orbit and set a course for The Reef. When you arrive you will want to speak with Petra Venj, who will reward you (with at least Queen’s Wrath Reputation) for your trouble. If you have other Bounties that she can accept, hand those over as well.

Of course, if you have other Bounties that you need to take care of first, you can always visit out Destiny: House of Wolves Walkthrough and Guide. We’ve already covered all of the House of Wolves story, and we’ll be taking the time to help you with every single Bounty as well. We’ve even got a guide for you to make sure that your Guardian reaches that maximum Light level of 34.

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