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Destiny – Wanted: Beltrik, the Veiled

by Prima Games Staff

This page will show you how to find and kill Beltrik, the Veiled in the Ember Caves on Venus with the Destiny: House of Wolves expansion.

To begin players will want to head to The Reef and pay a visit to a vendor called Petra Venj. She is in charge of handing out Bounties for the Queen’s Wrath. If you don’t see a Bounty for Beltrik, the Veiled, the chances are she doesn’t currently have one. Since you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you’ve already completed this step, so we’ll get one with the main reason that you’re here.

Wanted: Beltrik, the Veiled

Head to Orbit and select the Patrol option for Venus. This is the planet that your target shows up on, and he’s actually not far from where you spawn in. As soon as you can, call upon your Sparrow and ride it to the left, following the path the only way that you can until you see a message in the bottom left of your screen that says Ember Caves.

It can take about 10 minutes for Beltrik, the Veiled to show up, so once you arrive feel free to grab one of the Patrol missions to pass the time, or just camp out on a rock and snipe some Fallen using your Ice Breaker. Whatever you have to do to keep yourself entertained until the reason for you being there shows up.

Eventually you’ll get a message that A Pack of Wolves is Prowling on your screen, which is your cue to ready your weapons and prepare for a fight. Look for a Fallen Skiff to drop off a wave of Fallen enemies, especially some rather annoying Scorch Captains. When killed, these guys will drop Scorch Cannons, which you (or another Guardian) can pick up and use to destroy the enemies that will come in the following three or four waves.

Typically we’re all about blowing things up, but in this case we’d advise that you leave the Scorch Cannons on the ground for now, as they won’t disappear over time (unless someone else scoops them up). Use your regular weapons and abilities to take out the next wave or two of Fallen, then pick up the Scorch Cannon to deal with the more difficult final wave. This is the wave that will drop your main target.

With the Scorch Cannon in hand, take out the supporting cast for Beltrik, the Veiled. You get 10 shots with this weapon, which should be more than enough to leave him alone and (hopefully) outnumbered. If you still have rounds remaining in your Scorch Cannon, blast him to bits, then finish him off with your weapons and abilities. If you attack while you’re on the ground with him, Beltrik, the Veiled will become very aggressive and chase you down. Try to find a position that is above him and bring fire down so that he can’t get within melee range.

When Beltrik, the Veiled has finally dropped, you should have an Ether Key. If you do, a timer with 90 seconds on it will appear in the lower left part of your screen. If you don’t see that message, you don’t have the key. We’ve found this to be rather wonky, as sometimes we are missing the key after we have clearly participated in the event. We think that the key is missing if you die, and then spawn back in and fail to deliver any damage to Beltrik, the Veiled. It could also just be a random bug.

With the Ether Key in hand, hop your Sparrow and start searching for a chest that has a sharp beam of light shooting out of the top of it. It will spawn in three or four locations, and is random each time that you slay Beltrik, the Veiled. We suggest getting to a position of height and looking for it, or simply follow some of the other Guardians around. In all of the times we’ve completed these Bounties, we’ve only missed out on the chest once, so you shouldn’t have any problems.

Hopefully you’ve found something useful in the chest, but if you didn’t you can continue to track down more Wolves at your leisure. Feel free to return to our Destiny: House of Wolves Walkthrough and Guide for details.

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