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Destiny – Twisted Claws

by Prima Games Staff

This article will show you how to find and kill the Twisted Claws on the Moon in Destiny. This particular Bounty is part of the Destiny: House of Wolves DLC.

In order to pick this Bounty up, go to The Reef and speak with Petra Venj. She is the NPC that is standing to your left when you spawn in. Her stock refreshes at 5:00 AM EST on Tuesday, so if she doesn’t have any new tasks, just wait until the reset. If she has this Bounty on hand, it’s worth doing for the Queen’s Wrath reputation and XP. If she doesn’t, it’s really not worth the trip.

Wanted: Twisted Claws

Leave The Reef for Orbit and make your way to the Moon via the Patrol option. This will have you spawn in at Archer’s Line. Grab your Sparrow and head up the hill, veering left and following the path in the only direction you can. This will bring you to the Hellmouth. Continue moving forward to the opposite side, sticking to the path as it hugs the giant abyss in the middle. That path will eventually take you down a hill to a large door that you can enter.

Move through the giant complex until you reach an area called The Gatehouse. This has you following the same path as when you have to take on Phogoth during The Summoning Pits story mission. In fact, you are going to follow that exact path through the room where you fight the Wizards, all the way until you reach the Circle of Bones. It’s about this time that you’ll exit a tunnel, and this is where you want to turn to your right. Pass all the way through that room until you go into another door, moving through the cave until you reach The World’s Grave (not yours). The Twisted Claws that you’re looking for will be through the next door and to your left.

Unlike some of the Queen’s Wrath Bounties, this particular one does not give you an Ether Key, and it only has one wave. There is almost no point to doing this unless you have the Bounty, except if you are looking for a random chance at a Token of Judgement or something, which you likely aren’t. Use whatever weapons you prefer to defeat the enemies in this area. We like to try to use the Shadow of Veils that we bought from Variks with our Weapon Core, but it really doesn’t matter. Just kill all the things and then get ready to return to Orbit.

To claim your reward, head back to The Reef and speak with Petra Venj. She will give you the Queen’s Wrath reputation and XP that we spoke of, but you could always get a special package as well. If you’re really lucky you’ll end up with a Treasure Key for the Prison of Elders.

Of course, if you have more that you’d like to accomplish before you go, you can always visit out Destiny: House of Wolves Walkthrough and Guide. We’ll help you with anything you need to get done with this DLC, and all of Destiny for that matter.

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