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Destiny – Tracer Shanks

by Prima Games Staff

This article will show you how to find and eliminate the Tracer Shanks at The Breach on Earth. This Bounty is part of the Destiny: House of Wolves expansion.

Petra Venj is the NPC who will have this Bounty in stock, so head to The Reef and speak with her. If she has it, it’s worth doing. If she doesn’t have it, there’s no point in doing this because you don’t get an Ether Key to open a chest for a reward. It’s also worth noting that you can complete this Bounty while doing a House of Wolves story mission called The Silent Fang.

Wanted: Tracer Shanks

With the Bounty in hand, make your way to Orbit and then select the option to Patrol on Earth. As per usual, you’ll spawn in at The Steppes. Turn around and head into the building behind you, making your way all the way through to The Divide. When you hit this area, turn right and go around the big building in the middle, heading for a hole in the wall at the far end of The Divide. This is the exact path that you would follow if you were completing The Silent Fang.

As you enter The Breach, turn left and follow the tunnel to another door, and then turn left from there and keep moving. The path will become linear at that point, and you’ll know you’re in the right spot if you come across a couple of traps. Dismantle them, and then take out the Stealth Vandal and company that are waiting around the next corner. From here you’ll see a bridge, and on the opposite side of that bridge will be the Tracer Shanks that you’re looking for.

You have to watch out for the sniper to your left when you’re standing on the bridge. Take him out, and then work on the Tracer Shanks and their allies from a distance. We say it a lot, but the Ice Breaker is a great option here, especially if you have it fully upgraded using an Exotic Shard. Another great option for anything related to the Fallen is a Sniper Rifle we purchased from Variks called Shadow of Veils. It also does Arc damage (great for Fallen) and came already capable of the maximum damage output at 365. If you don’t have either of these options, you can go with anything long range. This is a very simple fight.

You’ll know you got the last Tracer Shank when you get a notification that the Bounty is complete. As we mentioned, there is no Ether Key, so unless you have more business you need to conduct on Earth, you might as well head back to The Reef to get your reward from Petra Venj. If you’d rather stay out and find more to do, definitely pay a visit to our Destiny: House of Wolves Walkthrough and Guide. We can help you with all of the story missions, as well as all of the Queen’s Wrath Bounties.

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