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Destiny: The Taken King Warlock Quest – A Storm in the Shadow

by Prima Games Staff

Welcome, Guardian! Today’s feature will tell you how to beat the new Warlock subclass quest in Destiny: The Taken King, A Storm in the Shadow. In order to begin this quest, you need to finish the story mission, The Coming War. After doing this, head to the Tower and pick up this quest.

When you reach the Tower, head to Ikora Rey and accept The Stormcaller’s Path quest. Now go back to Orbit and visit Mars in search of a level 25 quest titled, A Spark in Shadow. It will take you to the Buried City, and you should find your way using the Ghost. Enemies will get in the way, but you should have no trouble disposing of these aliens.

Eventually you come upon a zone known as Freehold Station.  It’s dark around here, but it’ll look familiar if you finished the story mode when Destiny first debuted. Proceed onward slaughtering everything in your path until you approach Tharsis Junction. 

Before you get there, the game offers a new objective instructing you to destroy Conductive Disciples. You must kill three of these yellow bar Hobgoblins, a task you should easily complete providing you have fully upgraded Year 1 Exotics. Did you manage to obtain some Year 2 weapons? If so, this objective will be much simpler.

With the Conductive Disciples in the grave, go into Tharsis Junction and you’ll see a time gate. Destroy it immediately to prevent Vex from flooding the area during your battle against Vekron, the Conductive Mind. 

Vekron is a yellow-barred Hydra that will go down after roughly five to six rocket blasts, depending on the weapon’s level. Whatever weapon you use, aim for eye located right behind the creature’s shield. Keep in mind Vekron can and will teleport, often directly on top of your character.

After slaying the Conductive Mind, your Guardian heads to Mars and appears on a PvP map. This lets you play around with the Stormcaller super ability after completing some tasks, a list that includes killing even more opponents. 

Move from one area of the map to the next until an objective instructs you to start the first meditation. Pan the camera until you see a burst of energy erupting from the ground and shooting into the sky, then head to this exact location. The objective marker will confirm you’re exactly where you should be.

Unfortunately you won’t meditate in peace. Take down the invading aliens and then deal with the second and third meditations. Finished? Return to the beginning of the map and you will now have access to the Stormcaller. 

Armed with this newfound ability, press both L1 and R1 (or Left Bumper and Right Bumper depending on the platform) at the same time until you make every living thing dead.  During these moments, press R2 or Right Trigger to fire. The Stormcaller charges within seconds, so have fun using it! 

When this is over you proceed to Orbit, back to the Tower and chat with Ikora Rey, who hands over your reward, high level gear known as the Stormcaller’s Bond. This completes the quest. 

There’s a great chance you have more than one Guardian in Destiny. If this is the case, learn how to complete The Nightstalker’s Trail for the Hunter class, and A March of Fire for the Titan class. Otherwise, visit Prima’s Destiny: The Taken King Walkthrough and Guide for game-changing tips.

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